New study reveals the top ten vegan-friendly states

Myprotein has taken a deep dive to discover which of our states is the best for vegan eats, finding that New York City comes out on top!

With more Americans than ever turning to a plant-based diet, the study has analyzed TripAdvisor data to find which of the most populated cities in each state offers the most vegan takeout and delivery options, so even with impending lockdown, you can get your vegan eats.

The Top Ten States for Vegans:

Rank State City # of Vegan Takeouts in

the City

Total # of Takeouts

in the City

    % of Takeouts offering

Vegan options

1 New York New York City 527 1315 40%
2 Georgia Atlanta 40 112 36%
3 Washington Seattle 28 81 35%
4 Illinois Chicago 122 406 30%
5 Oregon Portland 21 70 30%
6 Massachusetts Boston 35 121 29%
7 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 41 149 28%
8 Nevada Las Vegas 43 170 25%
9 California Los Angeles 77 335 23%
10 Colorado Denver 23 110 21%

With the highest percentage of vegan restaurants, New York City comes in at number one. Formerly the culinary capital of the world, it’s no surprise to see the Big Apple topping the list, offering 527 vegan restaurants from Thai and Indian to dedicated plant restaurants. In fact, an incredible 40% of all takeouts in the city offer a herbivore alternative! 

New York is closely followed by Atlanta in Georgia and Seattle in Washington – both of which have a third of takeouts in the city offering vegan options. Los Angeles, California also made the top list with an incredibly high number of vegan options, but the city just missed the top spot as this only made up 23% of all restaurants in the city.

Try Vegan this month at the best restaurant in your state

New study reveals the top ten vegan-friendly states

As part of the study, Myprotein has also put together the ultimate vegan food tour of America – with stops offs across the country. The tour – which is based on the number of excellent TripAdvisor reviews reveals the best takeout and deliveries in each state offering plant-based items – perfect for planning a 2021 trip or for discovering a new hometown favorite to try this month!

The 10 best Vegan takeouts in America!

New study reveals the top ten vegan-friendly states

#1 Surang Thai Kitchen – Nevada, Las Vegas

The Surang Thai Kitchen boasts an incredible 94.7% ‘excellent’ rating on Tripadvisor, meaning local vegans clearly love what’s on the menu. Offering a spicy mix of vegetarian and vegan Asian cooking, the heat of Nevada will only be matched by the heat coming out of the kitchen. 

#2 Juice Bar – Germantown – Nashville, Tennessee

With a 91.3% ‘excellent’ rating, Juice Bar has Nashville’s juices flowing. Known as ‘the best smoothie place in Nashville,’ this healthy food venue is well worth a visit for food that tastes as good as it will make you feel. 

#3 Urban 360 Pizza, Grill and Tap House – New Mexico, Albuquerque

You wouldn’t look at the pizzas here and think ‘vegan food,’ but with 91.3% ‘excellent’ ratings and a huge menu on its side, it’s clearly a place vegans love. For delicious plant-based, there’s nowhere better than Urban 360. 

#4 Tutto Fresco – Illinois, Chicago

This Italian bar and restaurant serve up much more than just a mean carbonara. The vegan options there are mouthwatering, and with 86.2% ‘excellent’ ratings on Tripadvisor, we clearly aren’t the only ones getting tempted to put in an order. 

#5 Kobe Steak House of Japan – Wichita, Kansas

You don’t often think of steak houses as being vegan-friendly, but Japan is famed for its meat-free dining. The tastes of Asia here are good enough for an 84.5% ‘excellent’ rating, so don’t be of the name and tuck into something a lot more fresh. 


Check out the full study, and more information about the top vegan states and take-outs in the US: