The Nutty Gourmet Donates Nut Butter to Hospitals

The Nutty Gourmet, affiliate of Grower Direct Nut, and family-owned walnut farm and processing facility, announced today its donation of 6,720 nut butter jars to UC Davis Medical Center. The company dropped off several hundred cases to the hospital.

“UC Davis is very close to our hearts,” Vice President of Sales & Marketing Tony Varni added. “As a fellow alum, I wanted to make sure our company did something to put a smile on the faces of these nurses and doctors who are risking their lives for our community day in and day out.”

While The Nutty Gourmet continues to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company adopted multiple new safety protocols. This includes social distancing measures for staff members, protective gear for manufacturing employees, increased hand washing and sanitization, and remote work when feasible.

The Nutty Gourmet donated thousands of 10 oz. Pecan Praline Butter and Honey Walnut Butter jars that will be passed out to medical center staff.

In addition to Walmart and Sprouts, The Nutty Gourmet also sells its Sea Salt Walnuts at 1160 Tractor Supply Stores nationwide. Customers can also find their natural seasoned snack walnuts, as well as new products like pistachio butter and pecan butter, in their online shop or on

About The Nutty Gourmet
The Nutty Gourmet produces a variety of walnut, pistachio and pecan products, including nut butters, flours, and dry nuts. The company operates a family-owned walnut farm and processing facility that produces sustainably grown, non-GMO walnut snacks direct from its orchards. It also sources nuts from local sustainability-focused farms around California. As part of the company’s mission to increase the accessibility to heart-healthy snacks, it only uses natural, non-genetically modified (non-GMO) ingredients in its products. Visit to learn more.