Noodles & Company Introduces Limited-Time Only Shrimp Dishes

Guests can order new Zucchini Shrimp Scampi or enjoy a fresh twist on classic Penne Rosa

Noodles & Company Introduces Limited-Time Only Shrimp DishesNoodles & Company, known for serving classic noodle, zoodle and pasta dishes from around the world, today announced a new limited-time-only Zoodles dish, Zucchini Shrimp Scampi, and added a new featured classic dish, Penne Rosa with Shrimp. Both dishes are available now, and as an extra incentive, NoodlesREWARDS guests will receive $2 off the regular price on Fridays from March 15 through April 12.

“The new Zucchini Shrimp Scampi, available for a limited time, has a tangy, bold flavor and is chock-full of fresh vegetables with vitamins A, C and K,” said Nick Graff, executive chef at Noodles & Company. “We continue to innovate at Noodles by creating exciting global flavors combined with better-for-you ingredients, which provide tasty and healthy options for any of our guests.”

The Zucchini Shrimp Scampi and Penne Rosa with Shrimp are here just in time, guests are trying to reach New Year’s resolution goals with a light, protein-rich option or observing Lent and abstaining from eating meat. Both dishes use premium quality shrimp and incorporate a variety of fresh, delightful ingredients:

  • Zucchini Shrimp Scampi: Zoodles with shrimp in a light scampi sauce with roasted zucchini and Roma tomatoes, topped with Parmesan cheese, parsley, and fresh lemon. Zucchini noodles, otherwise known as zoodles, are full of vitamin C and potassium and have 90 percent fewer carbs and calories than a serving of noodles.
  • Penne Rosa with Shrimp: Penne noodles in spicy tomato cream sauce with shrimp, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, spinach and Parmesan cheese. This revitalized favorite is perfect for those seeking a heartier option with a bit of a kick.

Starting today, all guests can try out the new dishes by visiting any Noodles & Company location. On Fridays from March 15 to April 12, NoodlesREWARDS guests will receive $2 off each dish when dining at a Noodles & Company restaurant or by ordering through the NoodlesREWARDS mobile app. Guests must be NoodlesREWARDS members to receive the offer. To find the nearest Noodles & Company restaurant and to join NoodlesREWARDS, visit

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