NYC’s SoHo Grill to Feature Works of Marko Stout

NYC’s SoHo Grill to Feature Works of Marko StoutFood, drink and art have always had a symbiotic relationship- and now restaurants, bars and nightclubs around the world are attracting patrons with their own art collections and rotating exhibitions. New York’s SoHo Grill is one of the latest hot spots to give themselves an artistic make over. This popular downtown eatery has recently purchased prints from the popular New York artist Marko Stout for display in their bar and dining areas. This will be added to their current collection of notable works by other New York artists which includes a few pieces by Keith Haring and Andy Warhol.

Last April Marko Stout made news with his record breaking sale of his colossal female figurative sculptures to a Berlin collector and nightclub owner at the ArtExpo Show in New York City. The sale was the largest at the show and one of the biggest in the long history of the Expo. Since the show other trendy nightclubs and restaurants have turned their attention to the works of Marko Stout. Also a number of high profile articles and media mentions have contributed to the artist’s popularity. A recent article in the Huffington Post referred to Stout as, “the coolest and most relevant multimedia artist working today”.

Marko Stout’s popularity with the millennial generation in their 20s and 30s along with his cool sexy themes may be why he has recently become one of the most in demand artists for clubs and restaurants looking to attract younger patrons with a for cool urban vibe.