Oprah Surprises Guests at True Food Kitchen

Last night True Food Kitchen, the award-winning restaurant brand grounded in a deep understanding of positive nutrition and healthy living, celebrated its new seasonal menu with an intimate Winter Harvest Community Dinner at its Pasadena, California restaurant. True Food Kitchen fans and customers enjoyed delicious food and dined with one very special guest… investor, Oprah Winfrey! 

WHO: True Food Kitchen CEO Christine Barone, Investor Oprah Winfrey, True Food Kitchen’s lead chef, Robert McCormick

WHAT: True Food Kitchen Winter Harvest Community Dinner, as part of an ongoing series in support of the brand’s mission to bring people together to eat better, feel better and celebrate a passion for healthy living.

WHERE: True Food Kitchen – Pasadena (168 West Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105)

WHEN: Thursday, January 17, 2019

DINNER DETAILS: A chef-driven, healthy four-course dinner with accompanying specialty cocktails featuring produce from Oprah’s Maui farm. Menu featured dishes (served family style) and specialty cocktails including the below

Oprah Surprises Guests at True Food Kitchen

  • Burrata & Spinach Tart: salsa verde, charred radicchio
  • Sweet & Sour Winter Squash: friseé, pomegranate, pecorino
  • Grilled Broccolini: pistachio, green olive, dried apricot, toasted garlic
  • Mauritius Island Red Fish: achiote, scarlet runner beans, swiss chard
  • Spiced Yacón Pie: graham crust, coconut whipped cream
  • Rose Margarita: Codigo Rosado Tequila, rose, lime
  • Irish Coffee: Greenbar “Six Woods” Whiskey, Kamaole Coffee from Oprah’s Farm hand-picked from the hills of Haleakala, coconut whipped cream