Organic Coconut Palm Sugar Has Arrived!

Have you heard all of the coconut buzz lately? Well, we sure have. Whether it’s coconut water or coconut oil, everything coconut is hot, hot, hot and people can’t get enough. Wholesome Sweeteners is excited throw our hat into the coconut ring with the launch of our newest product, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar. This new sweetener is truly amazing in more ways than one. Our Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is an unrefined, sustainable sweetener made from the sweet nectar of the coconut tree flower. It is 1-for-1 replacement for refined brown sugar or really any place you would normally use refined sugar. It goes great with everything, especially chocolate recipes! It doesn’t have a coconut flavor…just sweet, warn caramel tones like light brown sugar or Sucanat. This sugar is not only delicious but it is also helping families in Indonesia on the island of Java where the sugar is made by small farmer cooperatives.

Recently a group of Wholesome Sweeteners team members made the 27 hour journey to meet our family farmers. Watch this short video for a look inside the lives of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar farmers and how they make our newest sustainable sweetener.

Check out these yummy recipes you can make with our Organic Coconut Palm Sugar including dairy free ice cream, banana cookies and gluten-free brownies. If you can’t find Organic Coconut Palm Sugar at your local store yet, check out our online store to pick up a bag or two or six. Enjoy