Owner of Palm Restaurant Gives Summer Grilling Tips

Choose Your Cut & Get Grilling:


o   To prepare the steak, coat it in your favorite olive oil. Massage it in, and sprinkle sea salt and cracked black pepper on both sides.

o   When it comes to cooking a NY Strip, make sure the grill or the broiler is really hot, 425º.

o   No matter what, flip the steak just once, after the down-facing side is completely done.

o   By all means, don’t press down on it with your spatula so as not to lose all the flavor!


  • Place filets in a skillet over medium to medium-high heat and sear both sides for about 2 minutes to give them a nice color and char on the outside. Searing adds texture and flavor.
  • Preheat oven to 400º, then turn down to 350º and roast the filets inside for 4 to 5 minutes. Use a meat thermometer and when the inside reaches 120º, the end result is a perfect, crispy-on-the-outside medium rare filet mignon.


o   Called “rib eye” because of the rib bone attached to the meat, but it can be served either bone in or bone out (Delmonico). Of course, we suggest bone-in for maximum flavor.

o   Once the steak is cooked, make sure to let it sit for a couple minutes before serving to let the juices distribute.


o   Use a marinade. Throw the steaks into a favorite barbecue sauce in the morning and cook them at night.

o   The cut cooks very quickly, so keep an eye on it as it broils to 425º. Get it nice and charred and bring it all the way to medium.

o   This cut is best served medium, not medium rare, as it tends to be a bit chewy otherwise.