Pacifica Hotels Welcomes Manny Nieves as Corporate Beverage Manager

Pacifica Hotels is pleased to announce that Manny Nieves has joined the team as Corporate Beverage Manager. With more than 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Nieves brings a new and creative flavor to Pacifica Hotels’ growing number of restaurants and bars.

“We’re beyond excited to welcome Manny Nieves to Pacifica Hotels to oversee all the beverage programming throughout the portfolio’s 34 hotels,” shared Thomas Gregory, Corporate Director of Food & Beverage at Pacifica Hotels. “In the short time that he has been with Pacifica Hotels, Nieves has taken our cocktail program and propelled it forward leaps and bounds. Guests will no doubt be impressed by his unique and innovative cocktails that have become a staple at our full-service properties.” 

Starting his path early, Nieves was intentional with his career choices and wanted access to a culture rich in flavor and hospitality at a young age. He began his career in the restaurant industry at 17-years-old, landing positions at several coveted programs in Southern California. Nieves advanced through bar programs at Waterfront Enterprises, Avenue of Arts Hotel, and Pie Cocktail Society. Prior to Pacifica Hotels, Nieves worked for the famous 213 Group of Downtown Los Angeles at Seven Grand as Assistant General Manager. Nieves joined Pacifica Hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic at The Wayfarer DTLA and has been an integral part in the reopening of many of the portfolio’s restaurants and bars since then. 

“I’m looking to take the beverage program to a whole new level by creating a lasting impression that sits with you far after you have left the table. The world has been facing some harsh moments in the last few years, and I want to make sure we provide a space that blocks out the external stresses and gives refuge and happiness, even just for a few hours” Nieves said. “I’m committed to putting every crazy idea that I’ve had shot down over the years on every menu possible. Pacifica Hotels has given me a platform for my art, and I am so thankful for their trust in my abilities to make memorable experiences.”

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