Pastry Chef To Mom-trepreneur

Pastry Chef To Mom-trepreneurEdoughble is not your average cookie dough, and the founder is not your average gal. Rana Lustyan, “the genius that invented edible cookie dough” (Today Show, 2015), has had an obsession for all things sugary and sweet since her youth. With a passion for hard work and producing exceptional desserts, she left her job as a skilled pastry chef and restaurant consultant to create Edoughble. Her realization that the world loved eating raw cookie dough – and the high demand for this tasty treat – drove her to be the first to craft a new, fresh and safe way of enjoying this delectable dessert when she launched in 2013! 

Pastry Chef To Mom-trepreneur
Rana Lustyan, Founder

Founder Rana Lustyan, Edoughble CEO & head chef, and mother of two young girls brings her Le Cordon Bleú training and pastry chef experience at award-winning restaurants such as Spago in Los Angeles and Boulevard in San Francisco as well as her deep understanding of what customers and family members crave for fun-loving desserts into Edoughble.

As she juggles it all, she continues to create popular goodies in all forms of edible cookie dough and seeks out opportunities to make it available everywhere you shop, she also strives to make it 100% better in every way. Better tasting, through better ingredients and small batch production. Better to eat, as she uses only 100% safe to eat ingredients. There are a variety of delicious flavors to choose from and dozens more recipes being brought your way every month. She’s on a mission to create the best bite of cookie dough you’ve ever eaten, and this dessert visionary and mom-treprenuer is hustling every day to bring her big vision from her head, heart and kitchen into your stores and homes. 

Explore the new, exciting additions birthed from Lustyan’s style and mom-trepreneur spirit:

1. Build a Box experience to customize a 2, 4 or 6 pack of cookie dough for you or as the perfect gift, starting at $20Pastry Chef To Mom-trepreneur

2. Snack-Size (3.5oz) comes with a spoon under the resealable lid for ultimate convenience and is available exclusively in the new Gimme Five Box, $25

3. Dig In Box is included free with every order and includes whimsical packaging and your own spoon so the enjoyment can begin the moment the box arrives

4. 20% More Dough for the same price, as we upgraded our large size “pints”  from 10oz to 12oz

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