Philly’s Hank’s Root Beer Creates National and Local Promos to Capitalize on National Cheesesteak Day – 2 Philly Created Food Sensations

Philly’s Hank’s Root Beer Creates National and Local Promos to Capitalize on National Cheesesteak Day – 2 Philly Created Food SensationsTwo of Philadelphia’s most acclaimed family-owned food concerns, Campo’s Deli and Hank’s Gourmet Beverages, are partnering to make March a month-long party in anticipation of National Cheesesteak Day on March 24. They are joining forces, and their beloved culinary inventions, to create the first authentic Philly cheesesteak sandwich crafted with a sweet and spicy rub and marinade made with critically-acclaimed Hank’s Gourmet Root Beer and its secret Philadelphia formula.

“Without a doubt, the cheesesteak and root beer are the two greatest culinary inventions birthed in Philadelphia,” begins Tony Salvatore, Partner and Chief Customer Officer of Hank’s Gourmet Beverages, who founded the company that helped spark America’s love affair with craft soft drinks, most notably, its Gourmet Root Beer.

“Our craft soft drinks have been a great, accompanying beverage to Campo’s award-winning cheesesteaks and other sandwiches for decades,” continues Salvatore. “This new partnership will give Philadelphians a real bragging right and a delectable novelty for their taste buds — a first-of-its-kind spin on our town’s most beloved food classic.”

According to the Encyclopedia of Philadelphia, carbonated root beer was an invention of a Philadelphia pharmacist that debuted at the 1876 Centennial Exposition; while the cheesesteak is a sandwich created locally in 1930 by hot dog vending brothers, Pat and Harry Olivieri.

Campo’s Deli has been serving its award-winning cheesesteaks, hoagies and other sandwiches since its founding in 1947 by Ambrose and Rose Campo. Today, their son Mike continues to keep their Old-World traditions and high-quality standards thriving, while also evolving the classic cheesesteak to meet the needs of those on gluten-free and vegetarian diets.

The Hank’s RBM Cheesesteak from Campo’s that’s being handcrafted for this promotion, however, will be a sweet and spicy spin on their traditional and most popular meat-lover’s recipe.

This limited-edition delectable will feature tender, thin-sliced ribeye steak grilled after an application of Hank’s Secret Root Beer Spice Rub, drawn from Hank’s own classic, 100-year-old Philadelphia recipe, and a 24-hour “float” in a special marinade made with Hank’s Gourmet Root Beer!

This mouth-watering steak will be topped with a choice of the classic Cheese Whiz, or Swiss, American, Jalapeno Cheddar or Sharp Provolone Cheese and other toppings, including Grilled Onions, Mushrooms, Peppers hot and sweet, and many more. It’s all comes served up in a plain or seeded Italian roll, made fresh by local bakers.

“We and our customers have been devoted fans of Hank’s fine craft sodas since their beginning,” adds Mike Campo. “We’re delighted to partner with them on something that we think will give our customers a real treat, while once again casting the spotlight on Philadelphia’s great food history and our greatest creation, the Campo’s cheesesteak. We’re also elated to formally add Hank’s to our printed menus and catering line-up, as part of this thriving relationship.”

The special limited-edition cheesesteak sandwich will be available now the through the end of March at Campo’s landmark Old City location at 214 Market Street. Campo’s also operates outlets at Wells Fargo Center and Citizens Bank Park. Throughout the month, Campo’s will offer the tasty Hank’s RBM Cheesesteak, paired together with a bottle of Hank’s Root Beer (or one of their other delectable flavors, including Wishniak Black Cherry, Vanilla Cream, Birch Beer and Orange Cream) for a discounted package price of. $9.75 — a healthy $3.00 savings.

Going Beyond Philly and Coast-to-Coast
Hank’s is widening its Cheesesteak Day celebration across the country with a nationwide poster campaign spotlighting this national holiday at other cheesesteak and specialty sandwich chains that carry its brands. Under the headline, “Two Brothers from the City of Brotherly Love,” the posters suggest consumers enjoy a cheesesteak and Hank’s Root Beer to mark March 24, National Cheesesteak Day.

In Greater Philadelphia, this includes Dalessandro’s, Chubby’s Steaks, Wit or Witout, Hoagie Xpress and The American Pub. Multi-location Cheesesteak chains participating across the nation include Big Tony’s West Philly Cheesesteaks in Texas, Connecticut’s Blue Cactus Grill, Philly Grill located throughout Florida and New England, as well as the growing Philly’s Best chain that’s spread across southern California, a true cheesesteak hotbed.

About Hank’s Gourmet Beverages:
Since launching in 1995, Hank’s Gourmet Beverages have become available in upscale restaurants, bars, gourmet and specialty stores and via online sales to the booming, nationwide audience of craft soft drink lovers. The original variety, Hank’s Gourmet Root Beer, today anchors a craft soda product line that has grown to include Diet Root Beer, Orange Cream, Vanilla Cream, Wishniak Black Cherry, Birch Beer and Grape. This flavor line-up reinforces Hank’s authentic, high-quality image along with its upscale, award-winning packaging and consistent use of pure cane sugar.

Hank’s has become a favorite of hip gourmet food devotees, chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs, soda fanatics as well as critics at prestigious media outlets like Eater, Grub Street and the Los Angeles Times. Recent distribution deals with New York’s Abraham Natural Foods and Vermont-based food brokerage giant Celtic Marketing are bringing the product to thousands of additional specialty stores and supermarkets along the Eastern seaboard, from Maine to Florida, with a concentration on the NY Metro market.