The 7 Knife Sharpener Brands Every Cook Should Know

Your knives are the most important part of your kitchen. Without them, you can’t slice vegetables, chop herbs, or dice meats. You’d be stuck eating takeout and spending all your money on restaurant food. Unfortunately, because they’re so important, knives can quickly go dull from use. This is where knife sharpeners come in. They’re absolutely essential to cooking, but there are so many! What brands are good to buy? That’s exactly what this article is for. What are the best knife sharpener brands?
The 7 Knife Sharpener Brands Every Cook Should Know

1. Chef’s Choice

Based in Avondale, Pennsylvania, Chef’s Choice is a well-known international purveyor of foodservice items. They began their business in 1984 with their first high-quality electric knife sharpener. With an unparalleled commitment to making heavy-duty, long-lasting small kitchen appliances, their electric knife sharpener is especially, highly recommended by us.

2. Sharp Pebble

Sharp Pebble was created by a frustrated cook, inspired by the constant dullness of knives and breaking of utensils. There were many struggles with cheap items that shouldn’t have been made so cheaply. Now, Sharp Pebble is one of the foremost creators of foodservice products with a balance between quality and value. Their premium whetstones are one of our favorite knife sharpening stones and are featured as the best stones on prestigious websites such as Healthy Kitchen 101 and Morning Chores thanks to them being incredibly effective while also widely affordable.

3. Work Sharp

While the Work Sharp brand was founded in 2007, its parent company, Darex, was founded back in 1973. They have had over 35 years of experience in creating industrial products, and were successfully able to transfer that experience to the home! While their products are intended for use on tools and outdoor items, they are excellent knife sharpening systems that provide quick, efficient results when used on kitchen knives.

4. Smith’s

Founded in 1886, this company has been creating knife sharpeners for quite a long time. 133 years ago, Smith’s began as a small stone company in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Currently, they’re one of the largest purveyors of knives and scissor accessories in the world.

5. Lansky
The 7 Knife Sharpener Brands Every Cook Should Know

Lansky Sharpeners was founded in 1979 and has been creating sharpening systems ever since. They have a focus on precision, offering knife sharpeners with specific angle settings. Many of their products are affordable yet comprehensive. Their Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening Kit is one of our personal favorites, especially when it’s time to sharpen serrated knives!

6. Grocery Art

A newer competitor in the market, Grocery Art is on another level. Not only do they sell innovative kitchen gadgets, they offer e-book guides as well! “Your Perfect Thermos” offers 20 recipes to make in their vacuum bottle, while “Slice It All” is packed full of recipes to use with their mandolin slicer. How many companies do you know that offer e-books to go with their products? This commitment to customer support extends to their knife sharpener. It’s not only a knife sharpener, because it has options for screwdrivers and scissors as well. Grocery Art is one of our personal favorites.

7. Wen Tools

Like many of our favorite brands, Wen does not only produce knife sharpeners. In fact, since 1951, they’ve been a well-known producer of various home improvement and lawn care items. Their product line ranges from bench grinders to replacement generator parts. Because the majority of their product are heavy-duty, well-made power tools and industrial items, Wen is a bit more expensive than most of our brands listed here. However, their 10” two-direction water-cooled mechanical sharpener is a tough tool to beat.