A (Boozy) Milkshake So Good You’ll Drink All Year Round

A (Boozy) Milkshake So Good You’ll Drink All Year RoundSteaming cups of hot chocolate are usually the standard order in February –, especially in chilly Upstate New York. But at Turning Stone Resort Casino, decadent boozy milkshakes are the preferred choice.

These sinfully delicious drinks are currently featured at their Upstate Tavern in Verona, New York and there is plenty of boozy buzz about them!


A (Boozy) Milkshake So Good You’ll Drink All Year RoundIf you’re not familiar with the idea of a boozy milkshake — I promise you haven’t been this excited since you first heard of rosé ice cream. These shakes, which comes in flavors like Candy Bar Crush, Boozy Banana, Mocha Brownie, Sugar Rush and Bourbon Caramel, are spiked and super delicious. One look at that photo and you’ll know why patrons are saying “no thank you” to the hot toddy and “hello” to this fully-loaded shake that seems to defy gravity with its toppings. “It doesn’t seem to matter how low the temperature drops! We had one super cold day and it didn’t put a dent into the milkshake orders!” said Mallory Winters, Turning Stone Assistant Pastry Chef.

The ingredients will immediately make your mouth water. For example, the Mocha Brownie includes Death Wish Coffee Vodka, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, chocolate shavings, a mini coffee cup with St. Lawrence Empire Cream Whisky, brownie pieces and chocolate sprinkles.

And all of these masterpieces are only $12! To view all of these dream drinks, click here, or check out the ingredients lists on the Upstate Tavern dessert menu.