Pinky Cole’s Cookbook Eat Plants, B*tch Now Available at Target!

Pinky Cole’s Cookbook ‘Eat Plants, B*tch’ Now Available at Target!

Hope you’re having a great day! We’re excited to share that Eat Plants, B*tch – the game-changing cookbook from Slutty Vegan Founder and CEO Pinky Cole – is now available in all Target stores across the U.S.! The one-of-a-kind cookbook features 91 vegan recipes for undeniably delicious meals that will have readers rethinking the way they cook. Vegans, the vegan-curious and meat-lovers alike can now find all the tips and tricks of Cole’s famed cooking on the shelves of the iconic retailer nationwide.


Released in November 2022, the book made a splash with The Pinky Cole Experience: Eat Plants B*tch 2022 Tour, which allowed Cole to connect with her fans alongside celebrity moderators and expert chefs in five cities across the country, and the excitement has not stopped there. The unique collection of recipes has recently earned top recognition with a NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Instructional Literary Work!

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The cookbook features endless pages of mouth-watering recipes ranging from breakfast creations and tapas to Pinky’s favorite Jamaican dishes from her childhood, small plates and her signature southern comfort food alongside a selection of tips and tricks for vegan cooking, plant-based substitutes and complementary dips, jam, jellies and gravy to enhance the recipes. Published by 13A of Gallery Books Group, the book has made its way to kitchens across the U.S. bringing a wealth of new ideas and fresh takes on favorite meals to meat-eaters and vegetarians.


Eat Plants, B*tch is now available to purchase in-store and online at Target here.