Plant Based Foods Association Announces Three New Board Members

The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) is honored to announce the addition of three new members to its 2021 Board of Directors: Armetha Pihlstrom, National Account Manager, Impossible Foods; GW Chew, Founder and CEO, Something Better Foods; and Sadrah Schadel, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, No Evil Foods.


“Our new board members are not only leaders in the plant-based foods industry, they also share PBFA’s vision to embrace diversity to help our industry become more equitable and inclusive. I am thrilled to have worked with PBFA’s staff to recruit Armetha, GW, and Sadrah to the board, and am excited to see how they help propel both PBFA and the industry forward,” said PBFA Founder Michele Simon.


“I am so excited and grateful to be joining the PBFA board because I believe PBFA creates a sense of belonging, embodies everything that matters to bring change, evokes passion around sustainability, and is our Mother’s tongue for the industry and members,” shared Armetha Pihlstrom.


GW Chew said of his election to the PBFA Board of Directors, “I am humbled and honored to be a part of a great team of plant-based warriors who are fighting to make our world a better place. As we are living in a crisis in America, due to the pandemic, racism, and social injustices, PBFA provides a platform and a community to bring solutions to these issues. I commit to being a voice, an advocate, and to lend my influence in changing lives for the better, one chew at a time.”


“Representing PBFA as a board member is both a personal and professional milestone,” said Sadrah Shadel. “Witnessing the growth and transformation of plant-based foods over my lifetime has been nothing short of incredible. The plant-based industry, while demonstrating impressive growth overall, is an underdog facing a behemoth, and the problems of rapidly declining public and environmental health are too pressing for anything less than a unified voice among us. I am very much looking forward to working with the Association to continue to shape the future of the plant-based industry together!”


Armetha, GW, and Sadrah will join Jaime Athos, Martin Kruger, Miyoko Schinner, and Doug Radi on the board beginning on January 1, 2021.


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About Armetha Pihlstrom– Armetha currently serves as a national account manager for Impossible Foods and is the owner, founder, and chairwoman of the board for Pihlstrom Consulting Group. She has over 15+ years of food service industry knowledge and expertise within startups. Her involvement in plant-based businesses is rooted in the need to make positive change for her family, her community, and our environment.


About GW Chew– GW, aka Chef Chew, is the founder and CEO of Something Better Foods and has been a vegan food inventor/restaurateur for over 13 years. Chef Chew has been able to create scalable plant-based solutions for grocery and foodservice that will also help existing brands innovate within their current portfolio. Chef Chew is also the founder of The Veg Hub, a non-profit vegan restaurant in Oakland that provides ethnic-inspired plant-based foods to a food desert community.


About Sadrah Schadel– Sadrah is co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of No Evil Foods. She pours 15+ years of food experience and a lifetime of plant-based expertise into her company and fuels the movement toward a better food system. As an advocate for people, planet & animals, Sadrah drove No Evil Foods to become the first plastic-negative plant-based meat brand, as well as a Certified Fair Chance Business.


About the Plant Based Foods Association- The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), is a trade association representing over 170 of the nation’s leading plant-based food companies with a goal of building a strong foundation for the plant-based foods industry to succeed and thrive. PBFA works to expand market opportunities for this fast-growing sector of the food industry.


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