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It’s a stunning summer’s afternoon with friends and family gathering around, the smell of a searing steak is adequate to make your mouth water. Men and Grilling have been a way of life for years across the world all over, some say it’s in our genes from the Neanderthal period.

A fascinating fact is that male guests to a BBQ pay precise notice to the meat preparation and grilling process of the host. Barbecuing is a practice that has to be properly observed and there’s system which all men know and adhere too. The barbecuing of the meat is the real check of a guy’s mental, if he does a appalling job he will lose reputation in his friends eyes. Barbecuing is a skill a guy has, and he gets admiration from his friends for a job well done, it’s very essential!

One necessary secret for a great barbeque is meat Choice. An example is beef should have a deep red color, not pink or bright crimson. The beef should be shinny and look a little dry, you don’t want meat that’s wet or sweating and sticky to touch. When you depress your thumb into the meat the impression should remain for some time then bounce back. Marbling will add to the tenderness of the meat a small rind of fat to increase flavor.

Marinades and Rub’s is another weapon a “Top Shelf Griller” needs to have in his arsenal. Marinades will add flavor, moisture and more importantly tenderize the meat. It’s also Known that marinades can reduce cancer causing carcinogens by 88%, this substance forms on meats cooked at high temperatures.

As discussed above, tried and proven recipes separate men from the boys when it comes to grilling. Recipes that create succulent and tasty cuts of meat will have your friends and family coming back for more. Do your homework so at your next BBQ you will welcome the admiration a “Top Shelf Griller” demands.

Here’s the only proven Award Winning Recipes supported by evidence I’ve found on the net, do yourself a favour and check it out.

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My name is Jonathan and I’m an avid outdoor griller. Since discovering what can be done on a grill I try to share the experience with as many people as I can. The flavours that can be conjured on a grill is truly amazing. The most important thing I’ve found is that proven recipes enhance the experience.