French Toast Recipe for the Family

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It’s 8AM and your kids are screaming and jumping because they need the most important part of their day, breakfast. There’s many good breakfast recipes around, but a simple one is the good old French toast.

So while your kids are running around and calling “mommy!” you can swiftly open up the fridge and pull out 2 eggs and some milk. Then move yourslef close to the cupboards and pull out the all mighty French bread. Now your kids are probably wondering what your going to make them. This usually ends up calming them down and eagerly waiting to see what your preparing.

Crack both eggs into a medium bowl, but don’t get any shell inside. Add a tiny bit of milk in the bowl, just use your eye and estimate half the size of your fist. Make sure you had the pan hot and ready. Mix the eggs and milk till well battered and then dip your French bread inside of it till it soaks up nicely. Then splatter that on a hot pan and flip over when you feel its golden.

After having about 6 pieces of French toast cooked and ready to serve, place this on the table with some maple syrop and watch your kids devour it.

If you wanted a quick and easy recipe to make, this one is the one. Call it what you want, but this is the easiest French toast recipe.

This can be repeated the next morning, or if you like try a new breakfast recipe.

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