Provide Ease of Mind by Reopening with aeris

After more than three years of research and engineering, with the goal of creating the world’s most powerful and effective air purification system, Aeris Health launched their first air purifier in 2017. Since then, Aeris continues to innovate and expand their product offerings.

They’ve built a full suite of products that includes proprietary software which allows customers to control an unlimited amount of purifiers in one place, greatly reducing energy costs among other efficiency controls. We spoke with Elad Nehorai from Aeris Health about the products they offer, and why air purifying machines are essential in re-opening restaurants and hotels.

Q. Why would an establishment need an air purification system?

A. Our air purification systems help remove harmful particles as well as unpleasant odors from the air. This can contribute to reducing the risk of spreading airborne diseases, help relieve allergy symptoms and also make the customer’s visit more comfortable. The psychological aspect of customers feeling more secure if the air is purified cannot be understated.

Q. What types of products does Aeris Health offer the restaurant and hospitality industry?

A. In general, we suggest using our aair 3in1 Pro model. It removes a wide range of pollutants, and thus covers much of what can be found in these environments. Its design is sleek and blends in with any setting. The device is also equipped with casters, allowing it to easily be moved.

Q. How do these products protect staff and customers?

A. Aeris air purifiers remove even the smallest particles from the air with a very high efficiency of over 99.95%. These pollutants include viruses, bacteria, pollen and fine dust particles. That said, it’s important that an adequate number of devices are installed in the space: we pride ourselves in offering individualized customer service, going as far as running CFD (computational fluid dynamic) simulations using the blueprint of the establishment to optimize the placement and amount of devices needed, always taking into account the limitations of individual spaces.

Breathing clean air has countless benefits. The most noticeable is that people tend to feel more energetic throughout the day. It also benefits employees by preventing sickness, increasing mental health, and reducing missed work days.

Q. How do these products translate to customers having more confidence to patronize an establishment?

A. If the products are properly displayed and explained to the customer (via stickers or even small brochures) they can have a very positive impact on customer satisfaction and sense of security. The customer feels well taken care of and that their wellbeing matters to the owner of the establishment. We see this not only in the food and beverage industry, but also in many clinics, gyms, and schools that have partnered with us.

Q. How would an establishment explain the benefits to customers?

A. We offer various stickers and brochures along with the device to explain how our machines function and what the benefits are. We also recommend that our customers learn about air purification themselves so they can explain the benefits beyond the most obvious.

Q. Post-Covid 19, what are the enduring benefits of the Aeris purification system?

A. Covid-19 has dominated the media and had a huge impact on our lives. It makes us forget that many other diseases are transmitted via the air, including the common cold and the flu. Our devices filter these viruses as well. It’s also important to remember that almost 50% of the population suffer from allergies and/or asthma, and for these people it makes a huge difference to be in an air purified space.

Q. Is the purification system complicated to operate?

A. Not at all. We designed our systems to be as simple and unobtrusive as possible. Basically, they’re plug and play. All our machines have a built-in air quality sensor and can be set into “smart mode” to control the fan speed themselves depending on how polluted the air around them is.

Indoor pollution is a global issue. We expose ourselves to very high pollution levels in many public and private places without even knowing it. Our machines help massively reduce the particle load indoors and thus reduces the impact of air pollution on our body.

Ultimately, Aeris is a health company, and we are devoted to helping companies with the health of their customers and employees. That is our mission, not just purifying air.