Puerto De Indias, the original strawberry gin, revolutionizes the spirit

Puerto De Indias, the original strawberry gin, has revolutionized the spirits industry and from a small town in Andalusia has become the No. 2 strawberry gin worldwide. Consumers are enjoying gin like never before, with Puerto De Indias opening a new universe of flavor that until now was unimaginable. Its smoothness and personality come from the essence of fresh strawberries infusing their flavor in the gin.

The story of Puerto de Indias began in the heart of Seville when the destiny of a family changed by chance and ingenuity. One of the oldest distilleries in Andalusia, Los Alcores de Carmona was purchased by two brothers from Seville. Their intuition, love for the region, passion for tradition, and innovative spirit would begin the revolution of the gin.

The brothers chose the Puerto de Indias name to pay homage to the rich history of their distillery and Seville. The name Puerto de Indias references Spain’s discovery of America in the 16th century. At that time, Seville was known as Puerto de Indias, a place of splendor and adventure, and was the main trade port connecting Europe to the “New World.”  

Travel back to 1880 to discover the origin of Puerto de Indias. Izaguirre, a Basque migrant arrived in Carmona to discover the symbolic enclave incorporating its history, the Los Alcores estate, previously used for Roman baths and Arab mills. The underground spring from the Roman era created the perfect climate conditions for the construction of the distillery using traditional techniques with copper stills. 

In 2003 (120 years later), the founders purchased the distillery. Their gin would embrace the magic of the place, the stills from another era, and the warmth of the land and its people.

One of the greatest innovations in the spirit sector in the past 50 years happened in 2013. The brothers macerated fresh strawberries in alcohol to sell to patisseries.

This experiment fulfilled its purpose in winter. When the spring heat arrived in Seville, it brought an unexpected problem that became a great gift. The pressed strawberries melted and were diluted in the alcohol, naturally coloring it pink. While the strawberries had been thrown away and the liquid was kept, it was discovered it was tasty and had a great aroma. By distilling the liquid, the first strawberry gin in history was created.

The brothers, in their pursuits, had discovered a formula for a 20th-century dry gin and decided to distill this apparently unusable strawberry jam using this recipe.

This is how a traditional, British distilled spirit changed its course in the small town of Seville. A bold, original, daring recipe led to a smooth, fruity, and unique gin that would soon win over palates.

Until Puerto de Indias, no other gin had been created with fresh strawberries, which led to its own original, traditional recipe, created by a family with dedication and effort. Innovation and revolution have changed how people drink gin. It is both smooth and bitter simultaneously, beginning on the lips and continuing with an experience of unexpected nuances.

Consumers are amazed by its authentic and original flavor combining the dryness of gin and the sweetness of strawberries a real sweet temptation, as the brand claims.

Bartenders, mixologists, and home connoisseurs can mix cocktails enhanced by the perfect serving of Puerto de Indias Strawberry. The sweetest options blend clear sodas. The classic option is combined with a tonic. Select a balloon glass to allow the penetrating aroma of fresh strawberries. Next, chill the glass, add several slices of fresh strawberry, pour in the gin, and mix with either the clear soda or tonic.

According to recent research, consumers prefer flavored spirits for cocktails. Over 48 percent of respondents purchased berry-flavored spirits, up 4 percent over 2020. They select flavors that are refreshing (46 percent, up 3 percent over 2020) and fruity (42 percent, up 3 percent in 2020). Strawberry flavored spirit is the clear category leader, with 42 percent of respondents choosing this flavor when having a cocktail. Puerto De Indias, the original strawberry gin, is made with real strawberries and is ideally suited to current consumer trends and 37.5 percent ABV.

The history of Puerto de Indias demonstrates the boldness of knowing that new rules are created by breaking the old ones. Today, Puerto de Indias is the No. 2 strawberry gin and among the top 10 gins worldwide. The brand is available in over 60 countries and has revolutionized the history of gin by finding a place in the lifestyle of consumers originally and naturally.

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