Sugarlands Distillery: A Taste of the Smoky Mountains

A trip to the Smoky Mountains has been on every southerner’s travel plans at one point in time. Luckily, it’s a quick drive from many major cities in the southern states.

The beautiful mountains are a sight to behold and the name itself is the perfect description of what to expect to see at any given moment. The mist rises above the mountains, creating a perfectly smoky backdrop to the vacation destination.

While casually enjoying the streets of downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee, it’s clear to see when approaching Sugarlands Distillery. The distinct, sweet aromas of the corn mash will lure customers inside.

Sugarlands Distillery opened its doors in 2014. Since that time, they have earned numerous awards and have been sampled by an endless supply of visitors. Their moonshine is sold in restaurants and retail stores across the United States. 


The Sugarlands Experience

When guests arrive at Sugarlands, they are immediately greeted by one of many smiling faces. More than likely, there will be a line of excited tourists ready to try samples of their famous moonshine. For the small price of $5, customers will be able to try at least a dozen of their award-winning shine varieties. Each will receive a wristband that indicates they are well on your way to sampling some of the best moonshine around.

Customers are assigned to one of three bars, after paying the admission fee. The expert TasteMaker will begin the show soon. Keep in mind-this is not a boring, run-of-the-mill tasting. Each customer will be entertained and will certainly have a great time!

At Sugarlands, everyone at the bar will try each sample as a “family”. This adds to the camaraderie and atmosphere that only Sugarlands has. Each bar has that days’ menu displayed, to lay out what to expect ahead. Customers will try varieties such as 100 Proof Corn Whiskey, Unaged Rye, Blueberry Muffin, Maple Bacon (this perfectly complements a Bloody Mary!), Appalachian Apple Pie, Peanut and Butter, Butterscotch and Blackberry.

After sampling the delicious moonshine, shop around the store or visit the Back Porch. Here, guests will find hand-crafted cocktails made from the moonshine that they had sampled. When guests have made their moonshine purchasing decisions, they may head on over to the cash registers for a great deal. Sugarlands always has a sale and buying more jars will give a greater discount. Pro Tip: Use that wrist band for an automatic $5 off purchase total.


The Legends

From watching Moonshiners on Discovery Channel, readers may alreadybe  familiar with The Legends. These moonshine professionals have their own line of shine at Sugarlands Distillery. Visitors will taste some of these during their tasting. 

  • Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes-Possibly the most famous of the Moonshiners, this duo has made shine in the Tennessee hills for years. While at Sugarlands, be sure to pick up a jar of their Apple Rye Moonshine.
  • Mark Rogers- Mark learned the moonshine trade at a young age. While at Sugarlands, try his American Peach Moonshine. It is the perfect replacement for peach schnapps in any cocktails too! 
  • Steven Tickle- Steven Tickle began his moonshine journey as a young child in the Virginia Hills. His Dynamite Cinnamon Moonshine is a popular addition to the Legends Series. 
  • Jim Tom Hedrick- Jim Tom is a moonshine legend throughout Appalachia. His moonshine is not for the faint of heart. His 100 Proof Unaged Rye is legendary.



Sugarlands Distillery has partnered with several major companies to bring consumers the best moonshine products possible.

Nascar’s partnership with Sugarlands is a special one. They have a total of three special edition corn whiskeys that honor different Nascar speedways. 

  • Talladega 50th Anniversary
  • Daytona International Speedway Limited Edition
  • Bristol Motor Speedway 60th Anniversary

Country music star, Cole Swindell has two different moonshine varieties, offered by Sugarlands Distillery. Peppermint Moonshine and Pre-Show Punch are both available at local retailers across the country.

Former MLB athlete, Chipper Jones proudly stands behind Chipper Jones Sweet Tea Moonshine. This 40 Proof moonshine is refreshing and perfect for a hot, summer afternoon. It makes a great Arnold Palmer, when pairing with a glass of lemonade.

Last and certainly not least, PGA Championship Lemonade should be on everyone’s list. Pair it with Chipper Jones Sweet Tea Moonshine for an extra special treat. 


High Rock Vodka

Recently, Sugarlands Distillery paired with Dale Jr. and Amy Earnhardt to produce High Rock Vodka. This premium vodka is distilled seven times and is 88 Proof. Those interested may purchase a bottle of High Rock at Sugarlands Distillery or at a retail location close to your home.


Roaming Man Whiskey

Starting in 2017, Sugarlands began to distill straight rye whiskey. This craft whiskey is only distilled a few times a year. Be sure to join their Whiskey Club for convenient access to the pre-sale.

Roaming Man Whiskey has won numerous awards in the five years since its inception. Notably, Roaming Man has been awarded multiple gold medals in international spirits competitions. 


Canned Cocktails

Want to take a taste of Sugarlands Shine on the road, in a convenient package? Sugarlands Canned Cocktails are the perfect choice. Each cocktail contains 5% alcohol and a variety of flavors. Current flavors include:

  • Atlanta Braves Sweet Tea Lemonade
  • Jammin’ Peach
  • One-Two Punch
  • PGA Championship Iced Tea Lemonade
  • Red Sox Iced Tea Lemonade
  • Sweet Tea Lemonade
  • Voodoo Punch


Clearly, there is something for everyone at Sugarlands Distillery. For a high-quality liquor to use in at-home cocktails, Sugarlands is the place to be. Offer a premium vodka to your restaurant’s customers or canned cocktails at a gas station’s store front. The friendly staff at Sugarlands can make any scenario a reality.



Dale Jr’s Screwdriver


1.5 oz high rock vodka

2 oz fresh squeezed orange juice

.5 oz soda



Combine orange juice, vodka, and soda water into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with slice of orange and enjoy.


All Nighter


1.5 oz Cole Swindell’s Pre-Show Punch Moonshine

2.5 oz Lemonade 

1 oz Club Soda





Combine Cole Swindell’s Pre Show Punch Moonshine and Lemonade in a shaker. Shake vigorously. Pour over ice and top with club soda. Garnish with a lemon wedge and cherries!


Apple Cranberry Mule


2 oz Appalachian Apple Pie Moonshine

2 oz Cranberry Juice

Ginger Beer

Fresh Cranberries 




Combine Appalachian Apple Pie Moonshine and cranberry juice in a glass full of ice. Top with ginger beer and garnish with fresh cranberries and apple slices.