Pure Epicurean Seasonings is Shaking Up the Salt and Pepper Market

Introducing the First Gourmet Portioned S&P Packets for the Hospitality and Food Service Industries

Pure Epicurean Seasonings is Shaking Up the Salt and Pepper MarketTaking its cue from the farm-to-table dining philosophy, Pure Epicurean Seasonings (Pure) has conceived and launched a new gourmet product for the hospitality and food service industries: pre-portioned packets of natural Himalayan salt and organic black pepper. Pure’s single-serving all-natural salt and pepper packages are the first of their kind.

“Chefs pride themselves in creating delicious meals for their customers,” says Dimitri Marutsos, founder of Pure Epicurean Seasonings. “But if a diner chooses to add additional seasonings to a meal, the current option is shaking chemically processed salt and pepper on the food – often out of a sticky glass shaker. Now customers can reach for gourmet salt and pepper that’s worthy of food the culinary staff has worked so hard to prepare.”

Attractively packaged, easy-to-tear-open salt and pepper packets are meant to replace the glass shakers found on full-service tables or fast-casual counters. Glass shakers break, can be tampered with and, in some cases, are unhygienic. And when done correctly, sanitizing glass shakers – which should be done daily – is a time-consuming and inefficient process.

Each all-natural salt and USDA certified organic pepper packet is packaged with fresh ingredients acquired from regional and global sources. Packets are sold in quantities of 500 and 1,000 that can be used on self-service counters or for take-out. Refillable bamboo presentation boxes that hold 10 salts and 10 peppers are available for dining tables.

About Pure Epicurean Seasonings
Pure Epicurean Seasonings, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Laguna Beach, Calif., distributes natural and USDA certified organic products and portioned seasonings. Pure is the first company to provide premium natural Himalayan salt and organic black pepper in single serving portioned packets to the hospitality industry including restaurants, hotels, event planners, catering companies and mobile cuisine. For more information please visit www.pureepicurean.com