Pure Green, a national wellness bar and leading supplier of cold pressed juice, is again joining forces with celebrity food influencer, Foodgod to launch new menu items as part of an exclusive partnership announced earlier this year. Beginning on February 16th, the Foodgod Tonic and Pink Grape cold pressed juice will debut at Pure Green locations nationwide. Both items will join the previously released Blue Banana Smoothie by Foodgod, introduced in May of 2021.


FoodgodⓇ’s new Pink Grape cold pressed juice features tropical inspired flavors with dragon fruit, grape, lemon, Himalayan salt and 4 billion flora of probiotics – available in a 12 ounce bottle for $7. Similarly, the FoodgodⓇ Tonic, a new wellness shot, includes two ounces of dragon fruit and lemon, combined with ginger and cayenne pepper for $4. Both beverage offerings support gut health while containing high amounts of antioxidants, providing nutritious and great tasting menu options for Pure Green fans.


After the success of the Blue Banana Smoothie by FoodgodⓇ, a top performing product across Pure Green’s 30 locations, the celebrity influencer is excited to expand on his partnership with the brand. “I truly have a passion for out-of-the-box foods and flavors,” he commented. “Having the opportunity to create menu items that taste great and are actually good for you, alongside Pure Green, has been a great experience.”


“With the success of our Blue Banana Smoothie, we knew that we wanted to come back with even more items inspired by the creative mind and eclectic palate of FoodgodⓇ,” said Ross Franklin, Founder & CEO of Pure Green. “We look forward to the next installment of our partnership with the release of his cold pressed juice and wellness shot.”


The Foodgod Tonic and Pink Grape cold pressed juice can be purchased at Pure Green locations across New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Florida, as well as via delivery partners. To learn more about Pure Green and the new FoodgodⓇ menu, please visit www.puregreen.com. For social media updates, follow FoodgodⓇ on Instagram at @foodgod or Pure Green at @puregreen.