Put Down the Pepperoni and Pick up the Salmon!

MacKnight Food Group Showcases a Heart Healthy Swap

Put Down the Pepperoni and Pick up the Salmon!Pepperoni slices are a popular pizza topping and appetizer selection, but their unhealthy nature detracts from their appeal. MacKnight Food Group has created a delicious and heart healthy alternative with their Salmon Party Slices.

Fashioned to resemble round pepperoni or sausage slices, the Salmon Party Slices are the perfect cracker or bagel chip topper and add a unique and healthy element to party hosting. “Our party slices are made from our finest hardwood smoked salmon and come in delicious edge coated flavors including dill or black pepper,” says Ian MacKnight of MacKnight Food Group. “The party slices are high in protein and packed with Omega-3s, offering a healthy choice for snacking.”

In addition, the salmon slices are a great pizza topping alternative to grease laden pepperoni which are often loaded with saturated fat and food additives or preservatives. “At MacKnight we strive to create products that are versatile and innovative and the party slices are a great representation of our mission. They’re perfect for the health-conscious consumer and add a unique element to any meal,” continues MacKnight

About MacKnight Food Group
From the small beginnings in the Scottish Border Country over 25 years ago to the MacKnight Food Group of today, Jonathan S. Brown, the Founder and CEO, has maintained the policy of using only the highest quality Atlantic Salmon from the cold clean waters of Scotland and Norway. MacKnight’s Premium Smoked Salmon has been named “Connoisseur’s Choice” and was voted as the #1 smoked salmon by Food & Wine Magazine. Other MacKnight products have also been awarded prestigious recognition in both Europe and the USA. The line of MacKnight products will be carried by select retailers, with popular items such as salmon bacon, hickory smoked salmon and, of course, the finest of Scottish smoked salmon. Wal-Mart will stock the salmon burgers in August 2013. For more information visit us on Facebook at “MacKnight” or www.macknight.com.