Quickee Burgers Redefines Quick Service Restaurants Format

Quickee Burgers Redefines Quick Service Restaurants FormatQuickee Burgers™, the world’s leading Quick Service Restaurant Concept, today announced the opening of it’s first location in Nevada:

Committed to continuing the tradition of providing busy and on-the-go customers with much faster and more efficient burger drive-in services, Quickee Burgers is proud to offer hamburgers and fries that individuals can enjoy. The company takes pride in using a standardized systems and technology that will enable them to deliver products and services that are uniform and of high quality. With the introduction of this new hamburger restaurant concept, individuals will be able to experience a better service when ordering their favorite comfort foods.

Since they were introduced in the United States in 1920s, hamburgers and fries have become the most favorite meals ordered in restaurants. Their popularity has paved the way for the Quickee Burgers Redefines Quick Service Restaurants Formatintroduction of drive thru. However, during the past years, services in fast food drive thru lanes have been getting slower. According to studies conducted involving 7 of the most popular food chains in the United States, their service time has leaped significantly ranging from 150 seconds to 218 seconds. On average, the service time has increased to 181 seconds, which can be a hassle for those who are very busy and always on the go.

In this regard, Quickee Burgers has designed procedures and systems that aim to maintain the best industry speed. By streamlining its entire processes, the company was able to make
its operation more efficient and minimize any barriers. However, it makes sure that they provide fast service with accuracy. This means that the foods that they serve the right food without any missing ingredient.

Quickee Burgers Redefines Quick Service Restaurants FormatQuickee Burgers has developed a better and more efficient way of cooking burgers and fries, which guarantee that customers will receive juicy burgers and crispy shoestring fries that have been seasoned to perfection. Using special hydration formulas to hydrate the onions; while the buns are warmed and permeated by the juice from the beef patty. Ordering these products is also made easier since the Drive thru and Walk Up Quickee Burgers are designed to eaten while on the go or even while standing up.

Quickee Burgers is a new quick service restaurant concept that aims to provide faster service time in the quick service industry. Amidst the decreasing service time being experienced in various popular food chains, Quickee Burgers is proud to have the best service time without sacrificing the quality of the products that that it offers. It is committed to offering customers with food consistency, uniform customer service, and speed of service.