Raise a Glass with a Better For You Cocktail Mixer

Raise a Glass with a Better For You Cocktail MixerAll-Natural, Zero-Calorie, Non-Alcoholic

no added sugar or artificial ingredients

Be Mixed


Be Mixed http://www.be-mixed.com/ is a new line of all-natural, zero-calorie, non-alcoholic cocktail mixers, without added sugar, calories, or artificial ingredients, made from all-natural fruit, herb, and vegetable extracts. Great for both mocktails and cocktails!  Flavors currently include: Ginger Lime, Cucumber Mint, Margarita, and additional flavors to be released.


The company was started by two women entrepreneurs, Jennifer Ross and Cristina Ros Blankfein, they met at Harvard Business School. Jennifer Ross, one of the co-founders is Type 1 diabetic, and was looking for a delicious drink option without any added sugar and/or artificial ingredients, and found a void in the marketplace.


The founders worked to develop this single serve all-natural, zero-calorie, non-alcoholic product in a four oz. bottle, a simple way to stir up cocktails at home or on-the-go. Be Mixed is enjoyed as a mocktail with sparkling water, or with spirits ranging from vodka, tequila, and whisky to beer and wine. Be Mixed offers a sugar-free substitute for simple syrup with a variety of recipe ideas online: http://www.be-mixed.com/recipes/.

Raise a Glass with a Better For You Cocktail Mixer

Be Mixed is available nationwide at http://www.be-mixed.com/, and ships in three packs of four single-serving glass bottles, with a pack of each flavor.  Be Mixed is also available in a convenient four-pack of each flavor at New York retailers including: Whole Foods Markets, Fresh Direct, Westside Market, East Village Farm & Grocery, Greenwich Village Farm, and Merci Market.