Rao’s On the Grill: Perfectly Simple Italian Recipes from My Family to Yours Hits the Shelves Today

World renowned Rao’s restaurant now takes on barbecuing with a new cookbook that gets you out of the kitchen and onto the patio. On sale today, RAO’S ON THE GRILL (St. Martin’s Press/Hardcover/June 2012/$35.00/ISBN 1-250-00627-9), by Frank Pellegrino Jr. reveals their family’s summer entertaining secrets. Frank teaches readers everything from how to cook pizza on the grill to grilling vegetables as well as using your grill to make dessert.

This simple and fresh cookbook features both new ideas for home chefs and recipes for the food that the Pellegrino’s make for themselves and their friends at home. Whether you have a simple kettle grill or a brand-new state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen, RAO’S ON THE GIRLL will turn you on to new ways of using an ancient cooking method and will delight you with eighty new foolproof dishes to try, including:

·         Skirt Steak with Green Chilies and Mushrooms
·         Grill-Braised Baby Back Ribs with White Wine Glaze
·         Veal Paillard Chop with Rosemary and Capers
·         Grilled Chicken with Cacciatore Sauce
·         Grilled Branzino in Cartoccio
·         Grilled Artichokes with Spicy Lemon Dip
·         Grilled Peaches with Mascarpone Mousse
·         Sausage and Ricotta Pizza …and many more!

Gorgeous design, appetizing full-color photographs taken by Frank Jr., and family traditions throughout, RAO’S ON THE GRILL belongs in every cook’s kitchen!