Ready-to-Drink And Ready-to-Rock!

Fun. High energy. Authentic punk rocker. Avril Lavigne is all of this and more. The eight-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated, multi-platinum singer, songwriter, designer, and philanthropist has teamed up with ready-to-drink cocktail brand BeatBox, The World’s Tastiest Party Punch. Avril’s 11.1% ABV Pink Lemonade special edition package is the latest addition to the brand’s larger Creator Series.

Ready-to-Drink and Ready-to-Rock


It turns out Lavigne has been a fan of the BeatBox Beverage Pink Lemonade for quite some time. The conveniently portable and enjoyably consumable cocktail is a great option for Lavigne who is constantly on the go from recording sessions to live shows. Hooked by the cool package design, Lavigne also appreciated that the beverages were non-carbonated, making them easy to drink. Tossing it in a cooler or into her duffle bag, Lavigne is known to bring BeatBox Beverage Pink Lemonade to the studio, sharing these delicious drinks with anyone who is in the mood for a good cocktail and a good time.

“From the moment Avril told our team she drinks a BeatBox before every studio session we knew this was a perfect fit for our growing Creator Series,” said Zech Francis, VP of Global Marketing for BeatBox. “Partnering with Avril is going to unlock even more exciting opportunities for our brand to reach her 100+ million fans, a demographic of music lovers who value experiences.”

The packaging for Avril’s Pink Lemonade took a lot of inspiration from her album ‘The Best Damn Thing’ and her dedicated fanbase. Lavigne added her iconic Sk8er Boi Star along with original pictures and a quote that embodies her belief of being the life of the party. It is clear to see how Avril was able to add her own flair by incorporating black, her favorite color, to the typically bright palette.

“The imagery I used for ‘The Best Damn Thing’ album was pink, black, and had a rebellious feel to it,” said Lavigne. “I wanted to bring that same kind of energy to this design and I hope that intention resonates with my fans and the people who love BeatBox Beverages.”

Beyond contributing to the original product packaging, the Creator Series involves coming up with clever ways to build awareness about the collaboration. Both Lavigne and BeatBox Beverages have their own ways of reaching audiences through their unique experiences. This collaboration has presented an opportunity for successful musicians like Lavigne to join forces and creatively showcase the power of a great partnership.

From the very beginning, Lavigne recognized and appreciated the BeatBox Beverage mission of connecting people through memorable and music-centric experiences. The company has done a great job of setting themselves apart from other ready-to-drink cocktail brands through their presence at countless music festivals and innovative marketing tactics. BeatBox Beverages is about more than selling a product. They deliver an experience by embodying the vibes of life’s greatest soundtrack in a beverage you can consume.

“The partnership with BeatBox felt right from the start — I have never come across a brand that was as committed to providing their fans with a truly memorable experience, specifically pegged to music,” said Lavigne. “Every facet of the collaboration, down to my involvement with the design of the package itself, felt authentic and true to me.”

Consumers across the country will have access to enter to win exclusive signed Avril Lavigne merchandise from their favorite retailers. Retail activations will also include custom Avril displays, lifesize Avril Lavigne cutouts, and a national sweepstakes to meet Avril in person.

Lavigne’s limited edition BeatBox Beverage Pink Lemonade is available at tens of thousands of locations nationwide, including 7-Eleven, Kroger, Circle K, Casey’s, QuikTrip, and many other chains and independent retailers.

“I already loved this drink and as a brand, they believe in a lot of the same values as I do, like using music to bring people together to have a good time,” stated Lavigne. “Working with BeatBox Beverages has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait for people to see the new packaging and let us know what they think!”

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About BeatBox Beverages:

BeatBox is the “Original Party Punch”, offering fun & nostalgic flavors in a sustainable & resealable package. With a deep passion for live music, our community of super fans, and creating fun, BeatBox has become the brand that’s bringing the party to the alcohol industry.

The journey began in 2012 in the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX, and the energy was contagious. So much so, that BeatBox was able to secure the largest investment in SharkTank history from Mark Cuban who, “invested in BeatBox because at heart I’m a 25 year old and saw that this is going to be a party phenomenon.”

BeatBox quickly built a team of beverage leaders helping to define a new category of “Party Punch.” BeatBox has an impressive roster of famous investors in music and entertainment, including Mark Cuban, Rob Dyrdek, Party Favor, Louis The Child, Good Times Ahead, and many more.


Today, BeatBox has become one of the fastest growing brands in the alcohol industry and the drink of choice for Millennial and Gen Z drinkers. Its passion for music, and connection to its consumers, has also made it the fastest growing and most engaged alcohol brand on social media. Like Mark said, this is a company that sells fun, and if anyone ever asks what this brand is all about, tell them that “BeatBox Brings the Party!”