Restaurateurs Need an Easy Win

Wine sales can boost your bottom line in a big way. How does a 26% increase in sales sound? The Culinary Wine Institute has an interesting approach to helping businesses incentivize applicants, add sales and raise the tips that go into their pockets.

Staffing and training has become a real challenge. F&B managers all across the industry are looking for new ways to draw in and retain happy, satisfied customers, as well as happy servers that will remain loyal and ultimately increase the restaurant’s bottom line.

Restaurateurs Need an Easy Win

At Culinary Wine Institute (CWI) we understand wine and your business goals. We see the struggles that businesses are encountering every day: lines out the door, long wait times for tables, and servers are taking orders, acting as sommeliers while also bussing tables. The pandemic, along with staffing shortages, is having an impact and where does a business find time to get staff trained?

The goal as a manager is to have staff provide customers with great dining experiences. Businesses need to have customer retention and customers posting and tagging on social media. Customers have vast dining choices. So, how do you get them to come back to your restaurant? You want to guarantee a satisfying experience time and time again.

CWI has your back and wants to help you retain customers. CWI has seen how effective training can be with over hundreds of students at several top resorts and restaurants. CWI can provide you with the tools to provide your staff with the knowledge needed in order to have confidence when talking wine at each table.

Restaurateurs Need an Easy Win

At CWI, you get something unusual: an online training program designed specifically for the service industry in order to give servers the knowledge and understanding on how to profit from wine sales. 

“Maybe the simplest, most powerful, fun, and educational wine training program ever devised specifically for servers.” 

Get your staff on the same page and confident on the floor with each table they serve.

Each new-hire logs on to CWI and, for two hours, they watch four comprehensive videos. Each self-paced with thorough exams following each segment. After completion, the server is credentialed by the Culinary Wine Institute and receives a Culinary Wine Institute certificate.

Culinary Wine Institute’s Jumpstart Online Program is  . . .

  • Effective
  • Engaging
  • Proven
  • Time Saving
  • Affordable
  • Guaranteed*

*In CWI’s guarantee: If any certified server leaves within the first 60 days of completing their wine-sales training, they will train your new hire for FREE within a 30 day period, additionally the previous candidates’ certificate will be revoked.

CWI’s program is not designed to have your staff become a sommelier. The program is designed for server education and training in wine, the “how to” in recommending the right wine for your menu items, and how to provide great tableside service.

Our resort clients tell stories about their wine sales climbing – with one steakhouse, The Grub Steak, in Park City Utah recently revealing a 26% increase in sales the first quarter after the servers went through the course! 

CWI- certified servers report their training increased tips significantly, sometimes even doubling!

A great wine list is just that if a server hasn’t been taught how to comfortably talk about and properly sell wine. Culinary Wine Institute, (CWI), trains your servers with simple-to-use, knowledge-based tips, and tools that boost wine sales.  

Check us out and learn about the Jumpstart online program.     Email:  Culinary Wine Institute, 2100 Park Ave. #682594, Park City, UT 84098

Pamela Wood, CEO, and Director of Education is a Certified Sommelier, a Certified American Wine Expert, and one of only 447 Certified Wine Educators worldwide.