Ringya Effortlessly Transforms Paper and Digital Contact Lists into Smart Mobile Lists

Ringya Effortlessly Transforms Paper and Digital Contact Lists into  Smart Mobile ListsRingya is changing the way smartphone users organize their mobile contacts. Launched today, Ringya is the first mobile app that allows users to effortlessly upload contact lists with dozens of names, numbers and email addresses, simply by snapping a photo of paper lists. Users can also easily upload a digital document, or accept an invitation to a Ringya list (or “Ring”) created by someone else to instantly receive a smart, actionable contact list. These contact lists are transformed into smart, organized Rings so users can always call, text or email individuals or groups, when they need them.

Ringya is ideal for any contact list – class lists, sports teams, office directories, clubs, associations and more. Each contact list is organized in a unique “Ring” that, allows users to easily obtain the contact information of the people they need, when they need them most.

“Ringya gets all those phone numbers you have tacked onto your fridge door or bulletin board into your smartphone – literally in a snap – and saves you from scrambling to find a contact list within email archives because all those people you may ever need from work, a class or a team are right at your fingertips,” said Gal Nachum, Ringya co-founder and CEO. “Ringya saves time and stress by providing users with instant access to people they need to contact but otherwise wouldn’t have added, one at a time, to their personal address book.”

Ringya saves your sanity at work and home by:

  • Transforming contact lists into smart digital lists with zero effort.  Just snap a picture or email your lists to rings@ringya.com.
  • Making it a cinch to share contact lists with teams and group members.
  • Providing a simple way for you to communicate with individuals or entire groups via email, text messaging and phone calls.
  • Ring members contact details are self-edited by any Ring member so they’re always updated and accessible when you need to communicate or collaborate.
    • Organizing your Rings neatly and presenting them in context so you can easily find and communicate with individuals or the entire group.
    • Providing contextual caller ID so you always know who’s calling you and how they fit into your world (eg. Sally Jones, VP Sales, Sales Team) (eg. John Smith, Jane Smith’s Father, Oak View 2nd Grade).
    • Offering you with a simple way to put all your contact lists at your fingertips with no need for help from the IT department or a secretary and no need to struggle with importing or exporting contacts.

Ringya solves everyday scenarios such as:

  • Working parents stuck in transit and unable to pick up their kids. Ringya helps them easily find a parent in their child’s class to pick them up.
  • Busy employees who urgently need to reach coworkers have access to fully updated contact information.  When the office admin or colleague updates the shared list, the information is automatically updated for the entire Ring.
  • A rain delay of the annual corporate picnic or soccer practice. Ringya lets you send a group text or email in a flash, with zero effort.
  • Parent needs to communicate with dads regarding father-child outing.  Rings are searchable and can be viewed by Role (eg. Dads, Moms, Kids) and you can send a message to individual, subgroup, or the entire group.
  • Never miss an important call – see contacts in context
  • Never pick up a nuisance call during an important meeting – see who’s calling and how they’re related to you (intelligence call-filtering)

“Collaboration is reshaping the way we work and interact,” said Nachum. “Ringya has embraced and nurtured this new way of collaboration by allowing smartphone users to stay on top of ever-changing contact lists, share Rings effortlessly, and communicate efficiently.”

 To learn more about Ringya:

•    See Ringya in action in this short video

•    Ringya is available (free) on iPhone from the App Store

•    Visit: www.Ringya.com

About Ringya

Ringya was created to bring all the contacts you need to your phone easily and to turn the otherwise chaotic contact list of people out of context and often out of date, into a highly organized, always updated, smart, dynamic mobile contact tool, optimized for easy sharing of contact information and collaboration.

 Ringya was created by busy folks who realized most of our address books are filled with outdated information and missing people we need to reach, often urgently.  Ringya’s approach makes communications a snap and keeps our contacts current. To learn more why Ringya is already trusted by parents, sports teams, clubs and colleagues around the U.S., follow the Ringya Blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page.