Vitamin Squeeze™ Enhances Safeway Aisles

Vitamin Squeeze™ Enhances Safeway AislesVitamin Squeeze™ Powder Water Enhancers with Natural Ingredients are launching in Safeway stores nationwide. Safeway will merchandise Vitamin Squeeze™ in both the Powder Drink Mix and Bottled Water Sections.

Safeway will offer five flavors including Strawberry Watermelon, Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Acai Grape Pomegranate, and ENERGY Black Cherry. Vitamin Squeeze the first of its kind Powder Water Enhancers are sold in an easy-to-go, mess free squeezable bottle that provides essential vitamins, nutrients  and customizable flavors to appease a variety of palates and nutritional needs.

“Making the product available at Safeway stores nationwide provides an important opportunity to educate a large-scale audience about how the body absorbs and releases vitamins and minerals throughout the day,” said Ecosentials Founder and CEO Bill McKay. “Our research indicates that consumers are not aware that their kidneys rapidly excrete water soluble vitamins C and B. Vitamin Squeeze provides an easy way to replenish these essential vitamins and minerals, by simply squeezing your favorite flavor into your daily hydration routine.”

Each Vitamin Squeeze™ Powder Water Enhancer variety contains vitamin C (120 percent), as well as B3, B5, B6 and B12 (100 percent), D (50 percent), electrolytes, zinc and chromium to ensure nutrients that are lost throughout the day are replenished with every squeeze.

In addition to vitamins C and B, the Energy Black Cherry sku is enhanced with 60 mg. of natural caffeine per serving, approximately the same amount in an 8oz cup of coffee.

Vitamin Squeeze™ Powder Water Enhancers are made with natural ingredients and contain zero calories, sugars and carbohydrates.  They are free of gluten, preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Available in .85 oz. it produces 12, 8-16 oz servings and are each priced at $3.99.

Beginning in mid January Vitamin Squeeze Powder Water Enhancers will be available in Safeway stores nationwide.

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About Vitamin Squeeze™

Ecosentials LLC introduced the breakthrough squeezable bottle in 2012 with Vitamin Squeeze™ Liquid Water Enhancers. It used its patent pending dispensing technology to create the first-of-its-kind, squeezable Powder Water Enhancer. The line is unique to market because of its convenient Squeeze Dispensing AND Natural Ingredients.  It is available in Multi-Vitamin, Energy and Weight Control formulas. Vitamin Squeeze™ Powder Water Enhancers transform ordinary water into extraordinary flavored water enriched with vitamins C and B.  These vitamins are clinically proven to be water-soluble  which the body requires to be replenished throughout the day. The portable on –the-go bottle makes it easy for consumers to transform water into a nutrient enhanced beverage anywhere, anytime. When hydrating, remember, A Squeeze Is All You Need™ for  custom flavor and healthy benefits.