The Rare and Exciting Whiskey Selection at Irish Whiskey Public House

Irish  Whiskey  Public  House’s whiskey selection is incomparable to any other Irish bars in the DC metro area. Since its inception in January 2012, customers are repeatedly surprised to find a wide selection of never-­‐before-­‐heard-­‐of bottles. Carrying

over 50 brands of Irish whiskeys, Irish Whiskey Public House has set itself apart from other Irish bars in the area by consistently bringing in new and exciting selection of rare whiskey selections to the Washington, DC area.

 Irish Whiskey Public House’s unique and exciting whiskey selection includes:

 Knappogue    Castle    1951 -­‐ This is one of the oldest and rarest Irish whiskeys in theworld. It was distilled in 1951 and aged in sherry casks for 36 years. The bottle carried by Irish Whiskey is now 25 years old. A 2 oz. pour of this vintage costs $130

 Green   Spot -­‐   Whiskey expert Jim Murray has said of Green Spot: “unquestioningly, one of the world’s great whiskies.” Only 1200 bottles of this complex whiskey is produced each year. It is a single pot still Irish whiskey, which is one of the most rare types of whiskies available to this date. A 2 oz. pour of Green Spot runs $49.

 Knappogue  Castle    16-­Year -­‐   Although this whiskey is mass-­‐produced at Cooley (unlike the Knappogue 1951), Knappogue has recently announced its plans to cease production of this sherry cask-­‐aged single malt. It’s best to get a nip of this whiskey while you still can -­‐   it’s only $24 for a two-­ounce pour that boasts one of the more complex and yet mellow notes you can find in a 16-­‐year whiskey.

 Red  Breast    12-­Year    Cask    Strength -­‐   Although Red Breast 12-­‐Year Single Pot is still common throughout all types of bars in the States, their cask strength varietal is a much rarer to find. Cask strength whiskeys are unlike their standard counterparts in that they are not diluted at all before bottling, resulting in a much higher ABV at 57.7%. It’s best

to drink this one with a water back! A 2 oz. pour of Red Breast Cask Strength will run you $19.

 Greenore  Whiskey -­‐   Greenore is the only single grain whiskey in existence. There is an 8-­‐Year and an 18-­‐Year bottle available. Single grain whiskies take on many of the same characteristics of bourbon -­‐   they have a sweet mouth feel, and finish with just a slight heat in the back of the throat. A 2 oz. pour of 8-­Year is only $13, and the 18-­Year will run $29.

Irish Whiskey Public House prides itself on having a whiskey selection that excites whiskey enthusiasts. The owners are constantly adding new brands to their selection in order keep their customers satisfied and intrigued with the whiskies they offer.


 About  Irish    Whiskey    Public    House 

Reinventing the concept of a traditional Irish Pub by incorporating a modern flare, the Wooden Nickel Bar Company opened Irish Whiskey Public House in January 2012. Irish Whiskey Public House brings the nations capital a cosmopolitan public house with an exciting and distinctive bar program, an outstanding full menu of modern Irish American Cuisine, and a unique architectural and design interior that exudes the true flavor and charm of Ireland with a contemporary twist.