Coke Zero Makes It Possible: Viral Dance Video: Do That Toe Tappy!

Joey “Knucklehead” Turman is a young American choreographer who turned to the world of street dancing to escape from life’s troubles and create a brighter future for himself. Coke Zero was inspired by his story – and literally moved by his moves – so they put their tagline into practice and set out to “Make It Possible” for his passion and creativity to be seen on a larger stage by producing a commercial that explores his journey as an artist. Today, Carmen Electra, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, and choreographer JaQuel Knight (Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”) are furthering Knucklehead’s story of possibility by bringing his signature move, the Toe Tappy, to the masses with a fun take on the instructional hip-hop dance video, set to a tongue-in-cheek track performed by James Davis.

“Do That Toe Tappy” video
“Bloopers Video”

“Do That Toe Tappy” track is available to all for FREE download at <> .

The commercial and the video are part of a larger program from the brand that is seeking to “Make It Possible” for members of the Coke Zero community by transforming their dreams into reality and using their stories of ambition to inform advertising campaigns. Last year, Coke Zero put out a global call to discover a dance with personality and swagger, enlisting director Jon M. Chu and the dancers from his web series “The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD).”  Ultimately, Knucklehead’s Toe Tappy made the cut, and his personal backstory became the logline for a commercial.  From there, the cast of newcomers who had their “possibles” come to fruition kept growing:

  • Aspiring actor and dancer Driss “Keemo” Benhamida from France stood out among 300 performers who submitted audition videos online to be chosen as the face of the Toe Tappy and was flown to Buenos Aires to film the commercial
  • Metis, a musician who chucked a successful career on Wall Street to pursue his passion for music, had his track “I’m All In” featuring Aynzli Jones selected from a community of independent artists to be the anthem for the commercial spot and the campaign
  • In addition to Knucklehead and Keemo, three finalists from the competition to be the face of the dance – Esther Fwati from Australia, Kuria “Da” Hosoyamada from Japan, and Marcus Mitchell from the US – are being used in a print ad campaign to reward their talent and their willingness to put themselves on the line to make their dreams possible

The next Make It Possible project is already in the works, shifting the focus from the dance floor to the silver screen. Coke Zero has partnered with MoFilms to find more tales of possibility and help aspiring filmmakers show their work. The project will be announced at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity TODAY, and directors from the Coke Zero community will be invited to share their stories of romantic possibilities as a filmic treatment at MoFilms in hopes of being chosen to have their short film produced by Coke Zero. The winner selected in January 2013 will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly to Los Angeles to be mentored for a day by Oscar winning actor, producer, and director Forest Whitaker.  For more details, please visit <> .