Roast Turkey Recipe Plucked From Gilded Age Will Be Gobbled Up at Thanksgiving Celebrations

Gilded Age-Inspired Roast Turkey Recipe for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, treat family and friends to an authentic Gilded Age menu of roast turkey garnished with chicken forcemeat balls and served with a side of sweet potato croquettes using the recipes and cooking tips contained in

The Gilded Age Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from America’s Golden Era, from food writer and historian Becky Libourel Diamond.

“Just like today, it was a huge time of year where you’d have to plan in advance for both Thanksgiving and Christmastime,” Diamond said.

Also on the Thanksgiving Day menu? Crisp celery displayed in distinctive vases and rich, delicious pumpkin cake and baked apple pudding.

“Gilded Age Thanksgiving celebrations were sophisticated events with an emphasis on décor and elegance,” Diamond wrote in the book. “Fresh fruit piled high on a silver or pewter platter, embellished with vines and clusters of grapes, would create a stunning centerpiece.”

Throughout The Gilded Age Cookbook, Diamond dishes up a masterful blend of recipes for timeless favorites, decorating tips, and fun facts that both history buffs and foodies will appreciate. Chapters cover Culinary Innovations, Outdoor Eats, Dining Out, By Invitation Only, and of course, Holidays.

With a tasteful combination of easy-to-follow recipes, artistry and history, readers can expect to get a good sense of what the Gilded Age looked (and tasted) like through The Gilded Age Cookbook.

“A beautifully designed and photographed cookbook, filled with intriguing stories. The parties and events may have been excessive, but the classic recipes here look simple and doable to make,” said Dianne Jacob, author of Will Write for Food.


About the Author

Becky Libourel Diamond is a food writer, librarian and research historian who specializes in reconstructing historical recipes. She has collaborated with several chefs and food groups to recreate historic dinners, including Marc Vetri’s Osteria restaurant in Philadelphia, Chef Adam Diltz of Elwood Restaurant in Philadelphia, COOK (a demonstration kitchen in Philadelphia) and Edible History Supper Club in New York City.

She has been writing about food since 2008, sharing her passion for food and history with the world through her books: The Gilded Age Cookbook, The Thousand Dollar Dinner and Mrs. Goodfellow: The Story of America’s First Cooking School. She lives in Yardley, Pennsylvania.

Connect with Diamond on Instagram (@BeckyLDiamond), Facebook (@BeckyLDiamond), Twitter (@BeckyLDiamond) and LinkedIn (@Becky-Libourel-Diamond). For more information about the author, visit her website at   


The Gilded Age Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from America’s Golden Era

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ISBN-13: 978-1493069453

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