Robot Barista Coming to a Location Near You

That’s the concept of Austin-based Briggo and its robotic Coffee Haus. Briggo uses the precision and efficiency of robotic technology to deliver gourmet specialty coffee and tea to on-the-go consumers. By ordering ahead from the Briggo mobile app or on the Coffee Haus touchscreens, customers become their own barista by customizing their favorite coffee and tea drinks using Briggo’s custom whole-bean blend, fresh dairy and gourmet syrups. Drinks are crafted within minutes at a rate of up to 100 cups per hour–which competes with a 3-4 barista coffee bar.

With the company’s cutting-edge technology, Briggo was recently ranked number 10 on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List in the Robotics Category. The company is rapidly expanding in high traffic location such as airports, convention centers and corporate HQs with its newest location in San Francisco International Airport set to open in May.

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