Things that make American casinos truly unique

The American casino experience is like no other. While you’ll find casinos in both Europe and Asia, casino operators in the US choose to create a truly American experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Uniqueness of American Casinos: Insights from Food & Beverage Magazine

If you’re wondering what makes a trip to a US casino so special and why it’s well worth taking a vacation there, here are some of the things that make American casinos truly unique.


  1. Emphasis on the experience


Even online casinos in Pennsylvania operate differently from their counterparts elsewhere in the world. Most European and Asian casinos focus exclusively on the games themselves. American casinos look to create a one-of-a-kind experience.


It doesn’t take much to see where the differences lie. Las Vegas alone is a testament to the desire to create an amazing experience. From the neon lights of Circus Circus to the incredible Mirage Volcano, American casinos are about enticing people by creating memories.


  1. Full-service resorts


Casinos in America are not just casinos. They’re vacation resorts all by themselves. It’s why you can stay, eat, drink and even go to a show all inside the same building. If you visit Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you never need to leave your complex to enjoy the top delicious cocktails and delectable meals.


Combining full-service resorts with the casino’s playing experience is definitely an American tradition and one you won’t find in Europe.


While you can find resorts in other parts of the world, no country has perfected it like the US.


  1. Luxury loyalty packages


Loyalty is a big part of the American casino package. With so much competition within gaming hubs, casino operators have had no choice but to generate loyalty among their patrons.


There’s such an absence of known gaming hubs around the world that loyalty packages are a necessity in the US.


Simply staying in a resort and spending your money in the casino can win you loyalty points. It’s not uncommon for loyal players to receive free rooms, food and more, just to stay loyal to that brand. American gamblers, like no others, are more likely to stick with the same casino that treats them well.


European casino operators typically have so little immediate competition that they lack the same valuable loyalty packages.


  1. Slot machines


In 2020, there were 462 commercial casinos in the US. Despite this relatively small number, there were more than one million slots machines. Americans love slots, and nothing defines the American casino like rows and rows of slots.


While you’ll find slots anywhere in the world, international gamers tend to prefer table games. Walk into an Asian casino, and you’ll see far more table games than slots.


The popularity of the flashing lights and sounds of these neon-coated machines is a distinctly American tradition that the American casino has come to define over the decades.


  1. Gaming tastes


Why are casinos in one part of the world different from another? It’s not due to the desires of the operators themselves but the gaming community itself. Every casino is defined based on the tastes of its target audience.


Nowhere is this more apparent than in the prevalence of craps games. Enter any casino in the US and you’ll see plenty of rowdy craps games going down. Elsewhere in the world, it’s far more difficult to find a craps game.


While craps is certainly not an American invention, it has grown to become a casino staple that adds to the uniquely American gambling experience.


  1. Casual wear only


Casinos tend to be more formal affairs in other parts of the world. Visit the Monte Carlo in Monaco, and you’ll have a hard time getting through the door, let alone being able to sit down at a table. Casinos in Europe and Asia often have a business casual dress code. It’s not uncommon to see both men and women dressed in their best for a visit to the casino.


American casinos have evolved to become places that anyone can walk in and enjoy. You’ll find people in shorts, sandals and anything else they choose to wear. As long as you’re wearing shoes and a shirt, there are no dress code restrictions in your average Vegas or Atlantic City casino.


The casual approach can also be highlighted by the fact that you can still smoke in Vegas casinos. Behaviors like these are a massive no-no in most parts of the world.




American and international casinos share their similarities, but they’re far from the same. It’s America’s unique culture that has come to shape the casino experience in the US.


Which casinos have you visited in person while traveling?