Rocket Farms and Nurserymen’s Exchange to Operate Under the Rocket Farms Brand

Rocket Farms, a pioneer in the indoor floral industry, today announced its sister company, Nurserymen’s Exchange, will officially operate under the Rocket Farms brand. Rocket Farms’ parent company, Monterey Peninsula Horticulture, has spent the last 12 months integrating the operations of both companies after acquiring Nurserymen’s Exchange last August through a subsidiary.

“Bringing Nurserymen’s Exchange under the Rocket Farms brand allows us to drive our brand through our expanded operations, products, and customer portfolios,” said Charles Kosmont, chief executive officer of Monterey Peninsula Horticulture. “We are committed to the trademarks of our combined brand – the relentless pursuit of innovation, speed to market and scale – and taking a leadership role in the industry.”

With an extensive supply chain, broad customer base and collaborative approach, Rocket Farms moves quickly to bring groundbreaking products and design to the marketplace. Company representatives travel the world to stay ahead of the curve – seeking new trends and technology that propel the industry. Pioneers of many “firsts,” Rocket Farms consistently delivers new and innovative products from its vast portfolio including orchids, roses, herbs, SunStar, and Campanula.

“When you change the way you look at growing, amazing things happen,” said Justin Dautoff, president, Rocket Farms. “Unifying under a single brand allows us to drive innovation and excellence taking our company to a whole new level. At Rocket Farms, we strive to cultivate excitement and bring joy and beauty with our products that inspire our customers and consumers.”

Key products:
·         Orchids
·         Roses
·         Campanula
·         Sun Star
·         Poinsettias
·         Potted Berries
·         Christmas trees
·         Potted Organic Herbs

About Rocket Farms
The second largest greenhouse in California and third largest in the country, Rocket Farms provides high quality, ornamental plants grown in ten greenhouse-growing facilities throughout California. The parent company, Monterey Peninsula Horticulture, and its subsidiaries have over 25 years of history in the Salinas Valley and California. Rocket Farms is committed to providing quality, service and value to its customers. For more information, please visit us on Facebook, Twitter and on our website.