Sal’s Place has officially returned, celebrating the restaurant’s heavily awaited [winter] homecoming to Los Angeles. Boasting a remarkable 75-year legacy rooted in Provincetown, Massachusetts, the revered Italian restaurant is renowned for its warm hospitality under the helm of owner Siobhán Carew as well as a menu that has a handcrafted emphasis on seasonality and its exceptional selection of pasta dishes.


In 1962, painter Salvatore Del Deo and activist Josephine Del Deo opened Sal’s Place in Provincetown, Massachusetts, which served as a culinary haven for the town’s residents, artists, authors, and fishermen. Siobhán Carew and her daughter Michaela purchased Sal’s in 2016 with the intention of returning it to its original position as a community hub, which it had served for over six decades. Siobhán, well-acquainted with this community-oriented ethos, had fostered similar atmospheres in her Boston restaurants, Pomodoro and Matt Murphy’s Pub, for over three decades. Her establishments served as more than just eateries; they became extended living rooms where school friends, engaged couples, families, and everyone in between all found a sense of belonging. Her commitment to hospitality extends beyond the restaurant setting, turning her staff into a tight-knit family/circus both in Provincetown and West Hollywood.


Located off Robertson Boulevard, the iconic space that once housed il Piccolino, has been transformed into a West Hollywood version of its Ptown sibling which includes Siobhán at the helm alongside her traveling P-town team and visits from the ever-growing Sal’s Place community in California and Massachusetts. The restaurant features classic décor, with scarlet red walls and linen curtains dividing the lounge from the main dining area. Intimate booths are adorned in burgundy and cream pinstriped fabric, adding a touch of charm to the atmosphere.


The menu at Sal’s Place is designed to embody seasonal influences with each ingredient thoughtfully selected from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market—highlighting their commitment to sourcing from local vendors and farmers—ensuring a holistic culinary experience for all. The menu features a delightful array of classic Italian plates, showcasing standout signature dishes such as the below:


Endive Citrus- pistachio, shaved fennel, feta

Lobster Alla Vodka – Peas, basil, crab

Filet Mignon – peppercorn, mushrooms, shoestring fries 


Made with tradition and creativity in mind, the beverage program is a tailored experience that complements the culinary offerings. The wine selection harmonizes with every dish and the beverage program promises a delightful journey for every palate. From crafted cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages that tantalize the taste buds, the beverage menu highlights cocktails like the below:


Chamomile Gimlet – vodka, honey, lemon

Sal’s Negroni – gin, amaro averna, sugar

Free Spirit – seed lip garden, pear funnel, shrub (non-alcoholic)


Sal’s Place is a haven amidst Los Angeles’ sprawling urban landscape—loved by film actors, music producers, fashion designers, and many more. Siobhan and her team embody a true spirit of hospitality, intertwining classic tradition with genuine acts of kindness. In contrast to the bustling city outside their doors, Sal’s Place is an understated gem, offering a unique and extraordinary experience where guests reminisce on old memories and create new ones, all while savoring authentic Italian cuisine.


Notes to Editor

Sal’s Place is a cash-only restaurant. Reservations can be made via phone at +1 (508) 487 -1279.


Sal’s Place 

350 N Robertson Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90048

Tuesday – Saturday

5pm -10pm