SCA Tork Brand Launches New Foodservice Wet Wipe System to Deliver a Clean and Fresh Impression to Customers

Front-of-house wipes clean and sanitize to efficiently maintain hygienic standards and encourage repeat customer visits

SCA Tork Brand Launches New Foodservice Wet Wipe System to Deliver a Clean and Fresh Impression to CustomersSCA, maker of the Tork brand of Away-from-Home professional hygiene products in North America, today announces a new Foodservice Wet Wipe system – a complete front-of-house cleaning and sanitizing solution for table surfaces in casual, upscale and fine dining restaurants. Available in a convenient resealable, self-dispensing, apron sized pack, these wet wipes are discreetly portable to make cleaning more efficient and hygienic, even during peak service hours. The streamlined system allows staff to turn tables quickly without cutting corners, serving as many customers as possible, while conveying a fresh and clean impression to increase likelihood of return visits.

The Foodservice Wet Wipe system simplifies table cleaning and sanitization for service staff, regardless of skill level and without additional training. Designed to fit right into server apron pockets, Tork Foodservice Wet Wipes are pre-treated to always deliver consistent results.

SCA Tork Brand Launches New Foodservice Wet Wipe System to Deliver a Clean and Fresh Impression to Customers“Efficiently serving customers is critical for restaurant and foodservice operators, but it’s equally important to maintain high standards of hygiene to increase customer satisfaction and return visits,” said Suzanne Cohen, foodservice marketing director with SCA’s North American Away-from-Home Professional Hygiene business. “We’ve designed our new wet wipe system to quickly and effectively clean and sanitize tables between customer seating, so staff can spend more time with guests and less time mixing chemicals behind the scenes.”

The ready-to-use wet wipes streamline the front-of-house hygiene process by eliminating unsightly buckets and spray bottles that must be mixed properly and periodically refreshed. And, unlike traditional sanitizing bucket or spray methods, the Tork Foodservice Wet Wipe system removes both water soluble and oil-based dirt, greatly reducing the risk of trapped bacteria on tabletop surfaces. Additionally, the wet wipe system helps staff meet regulatory requirements. The Cleaning Wet Wipe fulfills the recommendation for non-food contact surfaces, and the Sanitizing Wet Wipe is 99.9% effective in killing common bacteria and is EPA registered. Both the cleaning and sanitizing wipes are NSF registered.

The Tork Foodservice Wet Wipe system is specifically designed and formulated to clean and sanitize tables in two easy steps:

  • Clean – Use Cleaning Wet Wipes at each table turn to remove oil, grease and other food particles. The cleaning wipe can be used alone or with Sanitizing Wet Wipes.
  • Sanitize – Use Sanitizing Wet Wipes when necessary. Pretreated wipe sanitizes tables in 60 seconds.

To introduce the new wet wipe system, Tork is offering free trials for its customers so they can experience this simple solution themselves. Learn more about the Tork Foodservice Wet Wipe system and sign up for a free trial at

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