Season 2 Premiere of Brown Bag Wine Tasting

Season 2 Premiere of Brown Bag Wine TastingSeason 2 Premiere of William Shatner’s ‘Brown Bag Wine Tasting’ With Matt Walsh (VEEP) & NFL player Marcellus Wiley

We are really excited to announce the premiere of Season 2 of William Shatner & Ora TV’s “Brown Bag Wine Tasting!” This season we feature guests including: Ray Isle (Editor of Food & Wine Magazine), Matt Walsh (HBO’s VEEP), Marcellus Wiley (ESPN + Retired NFL Player), Wil Wheaton (Star Trek), Brandi Glanville (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), Nigel Lythgoe (SYTYCD, American Idol), and more! Here is a sneak peek at what you can expect this season CLICK HERE.

On the premiere episode of “Brown Bag Wine Tasting” HBO’s Veep star Matt Walsh sits down with William Shatner to taste some great wine and test out Bill’s hypnosis skills. The comedian also discussed what it takes for a successful improv routine as they attempt to do one together and find their ‘comedic premise’ with two empty glasses.

At the end of the interview, William Shatner passes Matt Walsh a brown bag hiding the mystery wine and asks the actor to describe the wine in hypnotic terms. Matt describes the wine as having “a direct, soothing address, a calming aftertaste, very focused, and not meandering.” Matt adds, “It makes me want to change.” To conclude his improvisation, Matt rates the Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc with an overall 92 points.

We also premiered a special bonus episode to celebrate the launch of Season 2 which featured ESPN Host and former NFL player Marcellus Wiley — Dat Dude — who took on the “Brown Bag Wine Tasting” challenge and chats about typing skills, cars, football, and more with William Shatner. Before the two enjoy some mystery wine together, Marcellus also spilled to Bill his hidden talent and competitive edge in typewriting that lead him to win the National Typewriting Championship in the 8th grade. Wiley describes his mystery wine as if he “just felt the up key” with it “going past the margins.” As the wines settles in his mouth, he then adds, “It’s now getting over there with the colon,” giving the wine an overall 89 points.

The new Ora TV web series Brown Bag Wine Tasting follows Shatner’s adventures as he asks willing participants to blindly taste wine and describe it in terms of their occupations, with the goal of making the show fun, interactive and a social experience. The series was created out of Shatner’s love of wine and conversation, as well as wanting to have a fun wine tasting experience in an entertaining format. “I’m using wine as a way to explore the psyche of each of my guests,” William Shatner, the legendary Star Trek captain explains.

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