Simple Ways to Preserve Vital Nutrients

Simple Ways to Preserve Vital NutrientsEvery week, Americans end up tossing what was once perfectly good produce and although we intend on consuming all of the food we purchase, it can be difficult to keep up with the ripening process. BerryBreeze is a new innovative product that helps avoid food spoilage and keeps it fresh up to two to three times longer with its breakthrough technology.

BerryBreeze is small enough to go unnoticed in the refrigerator, but powerful enough to neutralize harmful molds, bacterias and microorganisms, while eliminating odors and maintaining freshness.

The science is complex, but the concept is simple. As the only product on the market to use this superior patented technology, BerryBreeze sanitizes the air in the refrigerator through the use of activated oxygen, a powerful oxidizing agent that reacts with surface molecules on bacteria and mold. It also defuses ethylene, a gas which speeds up the ripening and rotting of foods. BerryBreeze is completely safe and chemical-free.

There is an economical bonus to this compact, battery-operated device, saving thousands of dollars per year, per household, which is equivalent to more than $100 billion a year for Americans. Families across the world are able to eat healthier diets on a smaller budget by prolonging the life of healthy food and eliminating waste.

BerryBreeze aims to help the planet by:

  • Decrease carbon footprint: the need for plastic containers, bags and wraps is–significantly reduced
  • Eliminating pollution: food waste is a large component of solid waste and a large portion of methane emissions
  • Feeding the world: The average American wastes about 40% of all edible food and if they save just 15% of that, it would be enough to feed 25 million people (National Resources Defense Council, August 2012)

The inventive BerryBreeze is easy to use, maintenance-free and certified organic in accordance with the USDA National Organic Standards.

BerryBreeze retails for $49.95 and is available nationwide. For more information, please visit

Simple Ways to Preserve Vital NutrientsSousVide Supreme, the leader in popularizing sous vide counter-top home cooking, simplifies creating the most succulent filet mignon, tender pork chop, delicious carrots, savory potatoes and much more.

Cooking in a vacuum sealed pouch under water—sous vide—has been the best kept secret by professional chefs for decades. The real secret is that SousVide Supreme’s water ovens keep food within one degree of the ideal cooking temperature for hours. That ensures meals can be cooked to precise gourmand perfection.

The company founders, a husband and wife duo, both doctors, recognized the need for an at-home counter-top appliance that allowed home cooks to cook food to perfection, although the company offers a commercial unit for professional kitchens as well. Enter SousVide Supreme—the accessible appliance that cooks at an accurate, consistent temperature, so food turns out exactly the way it’s desired, every time.

Cooking with these easy-to-use, push-button start, water oven appliances actually locks in nutrients, juices and flavor that are often lost during other cooking techniques.

Simple Ways to Preserve Vital Nutrients

The process is simple: season with salt, pepper, spices and herbs, if desired; seal food in a sous vide cooking pouch; and simmer by dropping the sealed pouch into the preheated water oven. The water oven should be preheated to the recommended temperature and food cooked for at least the required amount of time. Even the most demanding palates agree that sous vide cooking yields food of incomparable quality, flavor and texture, even in the hands of a novice cook.

SousVide Supreme offers three acclaimed counter-top water ovens:

  • A brushed stainless steel 11-liter consumer model
  • A coated steel 9-liter consumer model available in two colors
  • A brushed stainless steel 11-liter professional model certified by UL and NSF for commercial use

In addition to its water ovens, SousVide Supreme offers vacuum sealers, cooking pouches, cookbooks and accessories. A selection of sous vide cookbooks, as well as recipes and video tutorials online, explain exactly how simple it is to cook meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, desserts, eggs and even to create delicious cocktails.

SousVide Supreme water ovens sell in major retailers and specialty stores nationwide for $329.00-$598.00. For more information and a list of retailers, please visit

The traditional French art of cooking with parchment is an emerging North American trend spurred by gourmet artists. As seen on French menus, “en papillote” indicates a time-honored and innovative way to prepare healthier and more flavorful foods. By cooking ingredients in parchment, chefs are able to capture and exchange coveted flavors and moisture that are often lost in other methods of cooking, all while infusing appetizing spices and herbs, sans butter and oils.

To date, cooking with parchment was an impressive skill often equated with some of the culinary world’s most talented chefs. PaperChef has made it fool-proof with their new cooking bags – pre-folded parchment that steams foods to perfection and dramatizes their flavor. This new household must-have item makes it easy to prepare recipes “en papillote” at home.

Although a number of beloved French dishes are prepared en papillote, PaperChef parchment bags are not reserved for French cooking. While elegant and impressive, parchment bags are also simple and easy—especially for preparation and clean up—making them ideal for every day gourmet meals, including meals for one.

An indispensable staple in professional kitchens, PaperChef makes parchment a cooking tool accessible to household chefs looking for tidier, healthier and tastier meals that make an impression. These one-of-a-kind bags won’t unravel, leak or waste paper trying to get the “crimp” just right. They offer grease-proof, scorch-proof and non-stick alternatives to other cooking methods and are microwave safe.

In addition to health and environmental benefits, parchment adds a French flair to any meal and is also ideal for baking. In-the-know parchment users seek PaperChef’s higher quality and expanded line of versatile parchment products.

At professional and recreational cooks alike will find delicious, creative and convenient recipes and demonstrations from renowned chefs who know the ‘secrets’ of parchment as an essential everyday companion for cooking, baking and kitchen preparation.

PaperChef Parchment bags retail for $3.49 at super markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. Please visit to find a local retailer.

Simple Ways to Preserve Vital NutrientsDo you have a killer sweet tooth? Do you fight the urge to indulge daily? Do you feel guilty after enjoying a delicious, fat-laden, calorie-loaded dessert? Wouldn’t you love to eat “dessert” for breakfast, lunch, or dinner or if your doctor would recommend it as a healthy part of your diet? With Yonanas, you can! It’s the thrifty, healthy way to keep your sweet-tooth happy.

The Yonanas Maker is an innovative home appliance that makes healthy snacking possible at any time of day. Its technology and high-torque blade emulsifies ONLY frozen fruit into a healthy treat that looks, tastes, and feels like soft-serve ice cream—in just seconds. Unlike other dessert makers, you don’t have to add any other ingredients such as milk, cream, sugar, yogurt or soy—which makes it perfect for vegans, diabetics and those who are lactose intolerant.

In the past year, the company has thought of other ways to promote healthy living. The creators of Yonanas recently launched Yonanas Elite. The original machine got a makeover with sleek new design elements and a quieter and more powerful motor. Available in a striking glossy red or black, you want to leave it on the countertop for display. Providing tasty options makes healthy eating easier too, so they introduced Frinkles—the healthy alternative to sprinkles, made of 100% freeze dried fruit, with no other additives or ingredients. Frinkles are made to enhance our food and can be added to frozen desserts, oatmeal and other desired foods. This fun topping is available in four delicious fruit flavors – Mixed Berry, Raspberry Lemon, Cranberry Pomegranate and Tropical Fruit.

Simple Ways to Preserve Vital NutrientsDuring Yonanas’ first year of business, they landed a partnership with Dole, the world’s largest producer of high-quality produce. Dole had a problem—bananas eventually become too ripe and spoil—and customers would complain of waste. Since many Yonanas recipes call for sweet, overripe bananas, and both companies feel strongly about promoting healthy eating, Dole saw Yonanas as a solution. After winning the hearts of Americans from the US launch and with Dole on their side, Yonanas became an international phenomenon—establishing distribution in more than 60 countries across the world.

Yonanas has sold more than one million machines and has been ranked a top selling ice cream machine, often number one among 100 competitors, on; an incredible accomplishment considering that it doesn’t even make ice cream. The technology of this machine was put through rigorous testing by the Good Housekeeping’s Research Institute and was honored to win their Very Innovative Products (VIP) Award.
Although bananas help provide a creamy consistency, any fruit can be used to make Yonanas. The recipe ideas are endless and the taste of Yonanas can be as creative or traditional as your palette prefers. It’s a fun and easy way to add daily servings of fruits to the foods your family already enjoys.

The Yonanas Maker is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. And because it has safety lock features, kids can use it too and parents can be at ease. Not only does Yonanas slash the calories, sodium, fat and cholesterol of ice cream, but it is more cost-efficient.
For more information, please visit

PaperChef, a Toronto-based company founded in 2010, is a subsidiary of Culinary Papers and McNairn Packaging, a family business that has been making paper products for the food industry since 1882.  The company is committed to bringing “The Art of Cooking with Parchment” to North America and the globe. The PaperChef line of products includes parchment rolls, parchment cooking bags and parchment baking cups. 

About Healthy Foods, LLC
Launched in 2009 as a division of Winston Products, LLC, Healthy Foods, LLC is a product development company based in Cleveland, OH.  This high growth company is dedicated to creating innovative products that allow people to live healthier lives. Healthy Foods’ first product to market is the Yonanas ™ frozen fruit dessert maker. Yonanas ™ creates a healthy treat with the look and feel of soft-serve ice cream with 100% fruit in seconds. For more information, visit