Single-Serve Coffee Pioneer, illy, Introduces Two New Machines for Compostable Paper Pod Format

illycaffè, a global leader in sustainable, premium coffee, today announced that the brand’s easy machine and the X1 Anniversary E.S.E. & Ground espresso machine are now available for purchase in the U.S. on and other fine retailers. This new coffee machine introduction offers coffee lovers new ways to enjoy ideally prepared espresso via industrially compostable E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) pods, the single-serve format with the perfect dose of coffee between two layers of paper filters, that illy pioneered in the 1970s and recently optimized furthering illy’s longstanding commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2033.


Each E.S.E. pod contains the perfect measure of the unique illy blend, ideally tamped and consisting of 100% Arabica coffee beans enclosed in filter paper specially designed to preserve illy blend’s exceptional aromas. As part of its ongoing #ONEMAKESTHEDIFFERENCE initiative, illy has committed to reduce its use of plastic in product production and shipping by 175 tons per year.   illy’s commitment to protecting the environment and global communities led it to become the first and only Italian coffee company to receive B-Corp certification in April 2021.


The new X1 Anniversary E.S.E. & Ground coffee machine combines the iconic illy machine look with the versatility of two different brewing options into one beautiful machine, ideal for coffee and design connoisseurs. Able to brew using either traditional ground coffee or E.S.E. pods, the machine produces café-quality espresso with ease. The machine’s eco mode fast-heating technology offers near-instant brewing for both energy savings and convenience, the latter furthered by a standby mode that begins immediately after each brewing process. As visually appealing as it is functional, the Luca Trazzi-designed machine features a stainless-steel body, backlit water tank and ergonomic handle for ease of use and sleek appearance in addition to the iconic vintage 1935 illy logo prominently behind the temperature gauge.


The new  illy easy (ESE) espresso machine also provides an elevated experience in a sleek, compact design, offering maximum simplicity and easy, intuitive operation to make a traditional single or lungo espresso shot.  Coffee lovers can adjust the machine’s temperature and volume setting as well.  The machine’s size makes it perfect for any kitchen or home office, and its sustainability-minded features like automatic power-down and compatibility E.S.E. compostable pods enable coffee lovers to minimize their environmental impact.


“These innovative products represent our passion for providing an elevated at-home coffee experience with a range of high-quality products that fit each individual’s needs and desires in a machine, as well as our commitment to sustainability,” said Jack Edwards, President of North America, illycaffè.“With the continued introduction of eco-conscious machines and single serve pods, we fulfill our mission in providing the best coffee experience to our customers while creating solutions that benefit the health of our planet.”


The X1 Anniversary E.S.E. & Ground machine is available for $949 in classic illy red and black and $999 in the elevated stainless silver variety. The illy easy (ESE) machine is available in red and black for $249.  In addition to these machines, customers can purchase E.S.E pods in Classico Roast available for single espresso, lungo espresso and decaf.  Intenso roast is available for signal espresso.  E.S.E. pods retail for $13.99 ($14.99 decaf) for 18-count at and select retailers including Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams Sonoma and Sur la Table.   illy coffee lovers can also set-up automated deliveries through illy’s customizable coffee subscription service. For more information visit