Skeeter Snacks

Skeeter Snacks, was formulated by two fathers who faced the challenge of finding amazing tasting snacks (at an affordable cost) for their children which were not produced with nuts. Rather than buying different snacks for different members of the family they wanted to create a snack which could be enjoyed and shared by all.

Skeeter Snacks focus is always on safety, great taste and affordability. The cookies are not only for children or adults who are faced with the every-day challenges of finding great tasting nut-free products but for anyone who enjoys a delicious cookie.


Skeeter Snacks make great tasting snacks which contain no peanuts or tree nuts and we make them in facilities that do not process any products containing peanuts or tree nuts. How complete is this commitment? Skeeter Snacks facilities don’t even have nut products in the vending machines in the employee lounges. Whenever you see Skeeter, the squirrel who is allergic to nuts, holding his placard, you know that the product inside is delicious and nut-safe. Skeeter Snacks deliberately narrows their focus to safety, great taste and affordability.

Skeeter Snacks are affordable for all at $3.99/ per box (contains 6 2-packs.)