Small Town America Breeds New Craft Beer Company

Small Town America Breeds New Craft Beer CompanyCreated by a small group of folks with a passion for craft beer and a deep-rooted love for their hometown of Roscoe, NY, Roscoe Beer Co. was formed earlier this year after a two-year culmination of brewing what is now a part of the embodiment of Trout Town USA. The flagship brew, Trout Town Amber Ale, hit the shelves of retailers and wholesalers across New York state this summer.

Sparking this craft beer venture among the Roscoe-lovers was the 2011 Ultimate Fishing Town – USA contest put on by the World Fishing Network (WFN). The competition included 299 other fishing towns and spanned over three months. Roscoe, NY took home the title, along with $25,000.00 to be put towards fishing-related activities, by garnering 267,434 votes from anglers and countless supporters of the town. This triumph set the entire local community in motion.

“There was such a buzz after being named the 2011 Ultimate Fishing Town – USA that we ended up having the biggest 4th of July parade that Roscoe has ever seen,” said Phil Vallone, one of the creators of Roscoe Beer Co. “It bolstered an even greater sense of pride and community among those of us in Roscoe, and I was particularly inspired to do more to integrate what Roscoe is and what it means to be a part of this community.”

After attending the NY Times Travel Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in  New York City as the only small town (Roscoe, NY) to have a booth, the Vallone Family knew what they had to do.

“We have always been intrigued by craft beer,” added Donna Vallone, another creator of Roscoe Beer Co. “And when all these people were coming up to our Roscoe, New York table at the show, sharing their stories and experiences of our town, we took our affinity for our community and married it with our love of craft beer.”

After discussing with a few family and friends, the Vallone Family enlisted other regional colleagues to start a craft beer company.
Roscoe Beer Co.’s inaugural brew, Trout Town American Amber Ale, pours a deep amber color, with a clean nose, balanced hops and malt, and ends with a light citrus finish. As a nod to tradition, this style of beer was typically brewed around New York State during the early 1900’s. Roscoe Beer Co.’s initiative is to remain true to American beer-making traditions which have evolved from their early European ancestors.

With an aggressvie plan in place, Trout Town American Amber Ale’s distribution continues to grow from its hometown-only point of sale. Since its debut on the market in late April, the brew is now widely distributed throughout Sullivan County, New York, as well as the region. Recently, Roscoe Beer Co.  partnered with Western Beef, an east coast supermarket chain, and regional retail giant ShopRite® to bring Trout Town America Amber Ale to stores throughout Manhattan and the Hudson Valley.

To get the most up-to-date information about Roscoe Beer Company, you can check out their website ( <> ), as well as follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


About Roscoe Beer Co.
Pouring onto the craft beer scene in April of 2013, the Roscoe, NY-based beer company was created by folks that enjoy the great outdoors, embrace their community and value all the wonderful things their country has to offer. Committed to offering the finest products, Roscoe Beer Co. (RBC) uses all natural ingredients to maintain and stay true to the American Beer making traditions borne from European ancestry. Their flagship brew, Trout Town American Amber Ale pours a deep amber color, with a clean nose, balanced hops and malt, and ends with a light citrus finish. With hopes to build their own brewery in the near future, Roscoe Beer Co. will continue to craft new, sessionable brews as their business continues to grow.