Snooty Roots Odor Neutralizing Kitchen Candle

While summer winds down, home entertaining will become more popular with the holidays approaching. That said, I would like to introduce you to Snooty Roots Odor Neutralizing Kitchen Candle – the perfect gift for your holiday hostess or your own kitchen while you play the role of hostess!

Snooty Roots is a Chef Inspired Kitchen Ware line created by Southern California Chef Meg Hall.  Meg owns and run Made by Meg LLC: A Catering Company and started Snooty Roots in 2011.

Meg started Snooty Roots as an extension of her work as a Chef.  She wanted to create her own solutions to common kitchen problems. The eco-friendly coconut blend candle has a wood wick, and comes in four different scents all fighting different lingering scents in the kitchen.

Citron Candle
This candle is designed to work well with fish and garlic odors from the kitchen.  The subtle but powerful aroma of lemon and citrus notes clears the air with an odor neutralizing technology designed to knock out even the strongest of smells!

Nothing revives a room quite like a bunch of mint. Light this candle to bring the sweet mint flavor to the kitchen after a meal of lamb or other meats. The fresh bounce of mint and the odor neutralizing technology in this candle make it an ideal companion in the kitchen.

Summer Lawn
Ah, the smells of summer and cutting the lawn.  Well, the gardener cutting the lawn, let’s get real.  The wafting fragance of Summer Lawn is the perfect finish to a long night of slaving away in the kitchen.  The unique odor neutralizing technology cuts through the strongest of smells and replaces it with fresh memories of summers past.

French Cotton
Love how the smell of laundry makes the house feel fresh?  Us too!  And it can’t be any kind of laundry, dahling – it must be French Laundry! Light this candle to bring your kitchen back to state of clean while you (really, someone else) does the dishes – Magnifique!