Solar Flood Lights

Do you know you can illuminate your outdoor without consuming much energy? Yes, solar flood lights help you achieve this.They have a wide and high-intensity light that’s suitable for providing security and keeping you, your family and property safe.

This article takes a critical look into solar flood lights and factors to consider when making a buying decision.

What are Solar Flood Lights?

Solar flood lights are one of the best decisions you can make for your home and business. Its LED technology ensures your floodlights are super bright; they are not just ideal for use in your backyard, pond, deck and external walls; they are also needed for security and safety. Solar flood lights are cost-effective with a more versatile application as they can be mounted anywhere. Hence, you don’t need access to a major power source.

Uses of Solar Flood Light

As earlier stated, solar floodlight has a wide range of application, some of which includes:

  • Used for lighting up staircases
  • As security lights in residential homes
  • Effectively scares off birds and other animals from gardens and parks.
  • As backyard light for lighting up walk paths
  • Dimmable solar flood lights can be used to light up monuments, plants, and even houses.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Solar Powered Flood Lights

Solar flood lights are relatively new on the market with some great and not so great features. Hence, when purchasing one, you must watch out for some factors as this will help you make a good buying decision. They include:


Before making a purchase, it’s important to consider the parts you wish to illuminate. This will help determine the floodlight, brightness and durability needed. The smaller the area needed to be illuminated, the smaller the angle of illumination and vice versa.

Duration of Illumination

A high-quality solar flood light should provide at least 70 hours of illumination when fully charged. This is enough to light up your paths, walkways and other outdoor space all day long. When purchasing a solar flood light, consider those that have more than 50,000 hoursof use as they are durable and will serve you for a long time.


While there are some solar flood lights capable of illuminating your lawn, there are those only able to light up a front door. The amount of light is expressed in lumens. For example, a 23-watt solar floodlight produces approximately 1500 lumens while a high-powered solar floodlight may produce up to 900 lumens.

Low voltage LED lights are mostly powered by Ni-MH batteries, while the high-powered ones are powered by Lithium batteries. The best bet would be to purchase an efficient lamp that produces lots of light without draining the battery.


When buying a solar floodlight, go for a product with a manual override to the photosensor. This enables you to switch off the light when not in use; otherwise, it will always come on automatically at night.


Since solar flood lights are always exposed to harsh weather conditions such as intense sunshine, heavy rain and so on, there is a need to choose a product made with high-quality material. Solar lights made with high-grade polycarbonates are the best option to go for; they can resist harsh weather conditions and are lightweight. Aluminium is another good choice to make as they are durable, lightweight and can resist high impact.

Waterproof Rating

It’s important to check out the waterproof rating of the solar flood light before making a purchase. A rating of 1P56 is ideal. The first number after the IP (International Protection) represents the amount of force the light can withstand. Hence, a rating of 5 means the light can withstand medium force from objects like a ball kicked by a kid while playing.

A rating of 6, on the other hand, means that when the lamp is sprayed with water under pressure (perhaps from a water hose while watering your flowers), it won’t get damaged. This type of light can resist degradation by the weather and is ideal for outdoor use.

Advantages of Solar Flood Lights

Some of the advantages of using Solar flood light includes:


Solar flood lights are cheap and are made with eco-friendly products; hence they are a good alternative when looking for an effective means to light up your space without spending so much or polluting the environment.


Solar flood light is specially designed to give you lots of choices. You can choose to mount it where you wish; you never have to worry about cablesor adverse weather as it can work under any condition.

Final Thoughts

Solar flood lights are the way to go nowadays. They are flexible, versatile, energy-efficient, eco-friendly as well as pocket friendly. They are also durable, easy to use and guaranteed to light up your world. More information on solar floodlight can be gotten on