Sonoma County Tourism launches globally-inspired message of solidarity

There’s no question, these days feel different. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we aren’t able to celebrate as usual. Around the world, distance separates us right now, but it is more important than ever to support each other and still feel a common spirit.

Sonoma County Tourism has just launched a video, featuring both local hospitality businesses, and Sonoma County fans scattered around the world. Each of those people in the video sends an important message of solidarity and virtual connectedness through the simple act of toasting. Local winemakers, distillers, and small businesses have come together to toast travelers from around the world. And in turn, travelers and Sonoma County fans from different cultures, have raised a glass from their homes in countries around the world, and throughout the United States.

“We may come from different places, and have different cultures, customs, and languages, but the act of toasting is universal.” said Todd O’Leary, vice president of marketing and communications at Sonoma County Tourism. “The act of raising a glass is a universal language of love. When we see that glass raised, we know what it means.”

While travel continues to be restricted, and we all shelter in place, we are all in this together and toast to life, health, and solidarity. The video can be found, and shared, on YouTube, Facebook as well as LinkedIn. Sonoma County Tourism asks that fans use social media to post pictures, videos and stories about how they’re supporting Sonoma County, by using the hashtag #LifeOpensUp.

“Continuing to engage loyal customers and destination fans during this time is critically important says Sonoma County Tourism President & CEO, Claudia Vecchio. “Once the destination is ready to welcome people back, it’ll be like seeing old friends. That’s the magic of a globally admired destination like Sonoma County. Cheers!”