Soul Tavern Announces New Bar Manager and Mixologist

Soul Tavern Announces New Bar Manager and MixologistSoul Tavern, Food Network’s #1 plant-based restaurant in Florida, is happy to announce Quintin Ross as its new friendly and formidable bar manager and mixologist. A former professional football player, Ross brings strategy and commitment to his newest game plan: To continue to grow Soul Tavern’s role as a destination for locals and people who want to experience an exceptional meal and cocktail.


Originally from Connecticut, Ross came to Miami, after playing in both the Canadian Football League and the NFL, and enrolled at the Johnson and Wales School of Hospitality. Upon graduation, he worked his way up in the restaurant business and trained under the tutelage of renowned South Beach mixologist Philip Khandehrish.

His work with Khandehrish solidified his commitment to the food and beverage industry, where he pours his passion into creating pre-prohibition, speakeasy-style drinks. In his new role, Ross infuses Soul Tavern’s signature elixirs to create spirit-forward cocktails with essential herbs and no artificial sweeteners.

Creative, athletic, and driven, Ross’s talent and training are a great addition to Soul Tavern and wonderful news for Miami foodies seeking a healthful way to enjoy unique cuisine and cocktails.