Southwest Wines Launches Soleil MimosaTM in Slim & Sexy 187ml Cans

Southwest Wines of Deming, NM, launched new 187ml aluminum slim cans for its popular Soleil MimosaTM today, offering a sustainable, convenient packaging alternative for consumers-on-the-go.

Soleil MimosaTM is a ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage that blends premium white wine with fresh-squeezed orange juice and a touch of effervescence, resulting in a refreshing Mimosa experience. Southwest Wines, also known as St. Clair Winery, has produced its one-of-a-kind Mimosa wine in 750ml bottles for more than 25 years, a product successfully sold across the United States. The bottles will now be joined by grab-and-go four packs of the new single-serving, 187ml slim cans.

“We think that using the 187ml slim can is potentially a game-changing packaging solution with respect to our pre-mix Mimosa, and more broadly speaking, to the premium wine industry in general,” said Robert Roeloffs, Marketing Manager for Southwest Wines. “Selling our fresh Mimosa in slim aluminum cans helps establish our brand identity and reinforces the key aspects of our Mimosa product; namely, its high freshness and refreshment qualities, convenience, portability and fun factor.”

Roeloffs states further, “With the rapid adoption and proliferation of aluminum cans by the craft beer industry, we felt that aluminum cans have regained their ‘coolness factor’, and the time was right to exploit the benefits of this trendy packaging for wine. The aluminum cans deliver convenience and portability, and address customer interest in consuming wine in places where glass packaging is generally discouraged or prohibited, such as sporting events, beaches, pool side resorts, and aircraft to name a few. The superior recyclability and 40% weight reduction of wine in aluminum versus glass bottles supports the values of consumers who are increasing sustainability-minded. Furthermore, the flavor protection and long shelf life provided by cans for our Mimosa are also important benefits. For the moment, offering Soleil MimosaTM in slim 187ml cans is a complementary activity to our 750ml bottles, and allows us to meet a wider range of consumer needs, whatever they may be.”


About Southwest Wines

Southwest Wines is a sixth-generation, family-owned and operated winery in Deming, NM. Today, it is the largest winery in New Mexico, producing more than 300 wines, including 50 wines that are produced under its own brands. Another 250-plus wines are produced on behalf of national retailers and wineries under private- or control-label. With its Soleil MimosaTM now offered in 187ml cans, Southwest Wines demonstrates its leadership in innovation in the U.S. wine market.

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