SpikedSeltzer Launches New Format

SpikedSeltzer, a First-Mover Hard Seltzer Brand Based in Connecticut, Launches New Six-Pack Format This Spring

Retailers in NYC, Long Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Tennessee Will Sell Single-Flavor Six-Packs of SpikedSeltzer Slim Cans 

SpikedSeltzer Launches New FormatBoathouse Beverage, LLC announced today that retailers in NYC, Long Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Tennessee (Knoxville, Nashville) will debut single-flavor six-packs of slim cans, a new format for SpikedSeltzer.

The company increases its offerings just in time for the drink’s peak season. To date, the company has sold SpikedSeltzer in 12-can variety packs as well as in single-flavor six-packs of twist-off bottles.

“Launching the new format was in direct response to consumer demand,” says co-founder Dave Holmes. “We’ve gotten so many requests for it, and we like to keep our fans happy.”

The new format is also much more conducive to the active lifestyle that the brand promotes. “We want to make it easy for you to bring SpikedSeltzer to the beach, the pool, the golf course,” says co-founder Nick Shields. “It’s a light, compact six-pack-in-a-wrap. Simple and convenient.”

About SpikedSeltzer
SpikedSeltzer is 6% alcohol and naturally gluten-free, with only 5 grams of carbohydrates per 12 oz. serving. The alcohol comes from a cold-fermentation of sugar combined with purified water and cold-pressed fruits. Champagne-like bubbles give SpikedSeltzer a crisp, dry finish.

Adult-seltzer has been dubbed the next stage of the boozy-soda craze, into which SpikedSeltzer was the first entrant. Inaugural flavor West Indies Lime launched in 2013; Indian River Grapefruit, Valencia Orange, and Cape Cod Cranberry rounded out the lineup soon after. With SpikedSeltzer, founders Nick Shields and Dave Holmes created an alcohol category that did not exist prior to its arrival on the market. “We were the first to bring the light, subtle flavors of sparkling water into the alcohol space,” says Holmes. “Blazing a new path makes building this company so much fun.”

About Boathouse Beverage, LLC
Connecticut-based founders Nick Shields and Dave Holmes launched Boathouse Beverage, LLC in 2013. Shields, a fifth-generation master brewer and beverage visionary, formulated SpikedSeltzer from small batches out of his home in Westport. Long-time friend Holmes joined him to grow the company. He resides in Rowayton. SpikedSeltzer HQ is located at 140 Water Street, Norwalk, CT.