Spri​ng Wines From VOGA I​talia – Prosecco, Mos​cato And Sparkling​

Spri​ng Wines From VOGA I​talia – Prosecco, Mos​cato And Sparkling​From the wine drinker who loves a sweet treat to the consumer who wants to stay up on the latest beverage trends, VOGA has something for everyone this Spring. Information on VOGA’s Sparkling, Prosecco and Moscato follows, along with cocktail recipes made using the wine.

Prosecco: Quickly becoming today’s most rapidly growing sparkling wine, Prosecco is a refreshing and ingenious Italian sparkling that appeals to wine aficionados and novice drinkers alike. Voga’s Prosecco delivers the time-honored aspects of the unique varietal with a freshly adorned traditional bottle, re-designed to replicate Voga’s fashionable and trendy appeal. Made primarily in the district of Veneto near the town of Conegliano, Voga’s Prosecco is produced with an extended Charmat method, to improve its great perlage, and is refreshingly balanced with an explosion of citrusy fruit flavors.

Sparkling: VOGA Italia Sparkling’s golden color and fine effervescence give way to aromas of white blossoms and ripe fruit. Hailing from the Trentino region of Italy, VOGA Sparkling offers a smooth and balanced taste with a citrus finish. This 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Grigio blend is produced via a prolonged Charmat method to refine the perlage and fullness of the wine’s fruit flavorings. VOGA Sparkling wine is packaged in VOGA’s sexy, unique and award-winning bell-shaped bottle, with a screw on top to keep the wine gently sparkling. Also available in a mini-size for personal consumption!

Spri​ng Wines From VOGA I​talia – Prosecco, Mos​cato And Sparkling​Moscato: Hailing from the Provincia di Pavia province in the Lombardy region of Italy, VOGA’s Moscato has a refreshingly sweet and bubbly taste. VOGA believes the key to creating a true Italian Moscato is to capture the natural fruity aroma and vibrant flavor of the Moscato grape by quickly crushing and pressing the grape. During fermentation, the carbon dioxide is captured giving the wine its frizzante character. The fermentation is stopped early to enhance the grapes natural sugar and flavor intensity. VOGA Moscato wine is packaged in the award winning non-traditional 750ml cylindrical bottle, with resealable metallic gold cap.

Below are some recipes incorporating VOGA’s Spring-perfect wines. Feel free to repurpose the below credited to VOGA Italia. Should you like high-res images of the bottles and/or cocktails, please let me know.

Strawberry Fields

  • 3 oz. VOGA Sparkling
  • .75 oz. Strawberry Liqueur
  • 2 oz. Strawberry Puree
  • 0.5 oz Lemon Juice
  • 1.5 Tsp. Sugar
  • Strawberry and Raspberry for Garnish

Combine VOGA Sparkling, strawberry liqueur, strawberry puree, lemon juice and sugar in a glass. Stir and garnish.

Spri​ng Wines From VOGA I​talia – Prosecco, Mos​cato And Sparkling​VOGA Spring Sangria

  • 1 Bottle of VOGA Moscato
  • 1 12 oz. bottle of Peach Beer
  • 3 oz. Triple Sec
  • 2 sliced peaches
  • 2 sliced apricots
  • 1 sliced Granny Smith apple
  • 1 sliced lemon
  • 1 sliced lime
  • 1/2 liter club soda

Pour VOGA Moscato and beer in a large pitcher and add sliced peach, apricot, apple, lemon and lime. Next add triple sec and stir gently. Chill mixture for at least one hour, and top with club soda and stir before serving.

Spicy Mimosa

  • 1/2 Bottle of VOGA Sparkling
  • 5 1/2 cups orange juice
  • 2 3/4 cups pineapple juice
  • 1/2 tablespoon finely grated ginger

Mix orange juice and pineapple juice in a pitcher. Pour VOGA Sparkling into pitcher. Add ginger. Stir and enjoy!