STACKED Wines – The Future of Wine Drinking!

This season’s hottest new product and wino-must-have is STACKED Wines – the modern, elegant wine concept that goes everywhere you go! Innovative, stylish and efficient, STACKED Wines offers the only tear apart single-serve package of Merlot, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay.

STACKED Wines are perfect for entertaining at home, picnicking at the park or enjoying at a favorite concert or festival. Each single-serve container is sealed with a foil top to maintain the freshness of the wine inside. The glasses stack neatly for easy storage, cooling and transport.

Each serving is shaped like a stemless wine glass: four individual containers stacked on top of one another to form the equivalent of one full bottle of wine. The custom engineered container emulates the tasteful look and feel of a wine glass and the durability of plastic making it perfectly portable and effortlessly lightweight! With recyclable packaging and at only $14.99 a bottle, STACKED transforms wine-drinking into an affordable, unique, ultra convenient social experience, perfect for winos on the go!

The fresh, vibrant and fruity flavors are refreshing, fruit forward, and reflect the true flavor profiles for each varietal. The Chardonnay embodies soft citrus notes with a hint of oak, the Merlot boasts a bright red plum flavor with traces of vanilla, and the Pinot Grigio crafted to offer a delicate yet whimsical taste. All three varietals of the premium wine appeal to the broad tastes of wine lovers of all levels of sophistication. Top quality wine has never been so easy or chic!!

Other things to consider:
–          PERFECT for easy entertaining and clean up (no ugly red cups or glassware)

–          Unique packaging and design

–          Perfect gift (UNDER $15)